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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ashes and Fire Pre-Order Info and the New Single - "Lucky Now"

The first single from Ashes and Fire is now available for download with pre-orders of the new album! It sounds fantastic, inspiring, perfect,beautiful, etc etc etc..... I love it! Hear it below.

Sweet Pre-order Information can be found at:

Also, I was checking things out on twitter today and it looks like the album is slowly making its' way among music journalists. Some of the tweets from today included:


"First play of new Ryan Adams album sounding great. Atta boy, Ryan."


"Got a cheeky copy of the new Ryan Adams album. Total beauty! Perfect in the gloomy weather."


Ryan Adams new album is beautiful. if you loved Heartbreaker you will love it.


  1. This new Ryan Adams album is fantastic, almost every single song is a keeper. I am a huge fan of his "Love is Hell" double album and this new work does not disappoint, it raises the bar. If an album this good could come out every day, the world would have no troubles. This isn't just a CD full of good music....this is a collection of beautiful, touching, emotionally moving songs that I will have with me forever, like a killer tattoo.

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