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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ashes and Fire!!

So, according to several websites, Ryan Adams' new album - Ashes and Fire is scheduled to hit stores on October 11th!! So to get prepared for his first album of new material since 2008, below I've posted a clip of the title track.

The short video was recorded during soundcheck from a benefit show he played in October of 2010. "Ashes and Fire" was also performed several times on his recent Acoustic Nightmare Tour of Europe. Anyway it's quickly becoming one of my favorites, and reminds me of early 70's era Bob Dylan mixed with some gospel and a little bit of Heartbreaker. I'm very excited to hear what Glyn Johns and Ryan have in store for the final version of the song.

(Below are the lyrics which I transcribed from his show in Cork, Ireland on 6/7/11 - they're a little different from what he sings in the clip.)

As he stood at the fire


This poor heart of mine

Skin smelled like black cherry

Forced by.......

The sailboats, they all sailed by

The river she cried

And when she ......


The window broke out

And the cigarette smoke wandered by

The Bums on the Bowery

Were swallowed in lights

As the cars rumbled by in the night

Screaming run for your life

Cool and silvery eyes

And a heart that was fit for desires

Drowned in a river of tears

The river she cried

With a heart made of ashes and fire

One day

There was a silence

That washed through the town

There was no reason to speak

So no one made a sound

Her eyes were indigo

And ............ cancelled

And the sailboats they all sailed by

And the river she cried

Cool and silvery eyes

And a heart that was fit for desires

Drowning in a river of tears

In the river she cried

And her with her heart

Made of ashes and fire

Ashes and fire

Ashes and fire

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