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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The California EP

(Pax-Am Records 002)

Released January 2004

1. California

2. Waves Crashing

3. Secret Powers

4. Tractor Beam/ Do You Wanna Get High?

Produced by Allen Midgett at Waltmore Street Studios in Jacksonville, NC.

The Background/Random Info

This double 7" yellow colored vinyl set was sold exclusively at shows in January of 2004. Now in 2011, the records sell for over $100 on ebay and has become a collectors item among fans. The four tracks that comprise California are from an unreleased album of pre-Heartbreaker 4 track demos known as Exile on Franklin Street. These songs and the rest of Exile on Franklin Street are widely available for download online through various blogs and torrent sites.

Since it's release, these songs have yet to be re-recorded for official albums and probably won't. These songs sound more like sound experiments than actual finished tunes. Still, it's interesting to check this out at least once, since it offers a peek into Ryan's creative process from that time period. If you could call any of the tunes on California highlights, they would be "Waves Crashing" - a dark piano song that brings to mind the title track on Rock N Roll; and "California" which is a sleepy, late night walk on the beach jam flooded with reverb soaked guitars.

Not Essential, but still pretty cool.

Key Track: none

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