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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Moroccan Role EP

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 3/16/04

1. Ah, Life

2. I'm Coming Over

3. Don't Even Know Her Name

The Background/Random Info

So it took me until just the other week when I realized that "Moroccan Role" was a clever way of saying "More Rock N Roll". (wow!......um..... how did I not pick up on that?). Anyway this short and sweet 3 song/10 minute digital EP is available through iTunes and Amazon, and features previously released b-sides from the Rock N Roll/Love is Hell era. All of the tracks can also be found on the "So Alive" single released internationally. While "Don't Even Know Her Name" was released on a Christmas 2003 single alongside the song - "Hey Parker it's Christmas".

Ryan Adams released a wealth of great non-album tracks in 2003 and 2004, and these are no exception! Listening to these, it seems clear that these tunes didn't really fit in with the poppy grunge revival of Rock N Roll. Here, Ryan Adams flirts with 60's R&B ("Ah, Life"), rockabilly ("Don't Even Know Her Name"), and dark 80's rock ("I'm Coming Over"). Although, I can't call these my favorite b-sides from this period, they're definitely wonderful!

Not Essential but for only $2.97, worth it.

Key Tracks: "Don't Even Know Her Name", and "Ah, Life"

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