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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New York New York (single)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 11/26/01

1. New York New York

2. Mara Lisa

3. From Me to You

The Background/Random Info

Ryan's first single release as a solo artist features two leftovers from the Gold sessions. At one point, the album was planned to be released as double album and was going to feature both "Mara Lisa" and "From Me to You", but in the end it remained a perfect long single CD. "Mara Lisa" which ranks among my favorite b-sides is a soft, solo acoustic number with great finger picking. While "From Me to You" is an epic number with a big soaring chorus that seems to be inspired by U2. As a cool bonus, this single also features a music video of "New York New York" filmed in front of the Twin Towers just days before September 11th.


Key Tracks: "Mara Lisa"

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