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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Rescue Blues EP

(Pax-Am Records 001)
Released January, 2004

1. The Rescue Blues

2. Come Pick Me Up

3. Enemy Blanks

4. Tell Me How You Want Me

All Songs Written By Ryan Adams

Produced by Allen Midgett at Waltmore Street Studios in Jacksonville, NC.

Assistant Engineer - Sadie Belle.

The Background/Random Info

This double 7" clear vinyl set was sold exclusively at shows in January of 2004. Now, this record is sold for upwards of $100 through eBay. It marks the very first release on Ryan's record label - Pax-Am, and is comprised of 4 track demos recorded prior to Heartbreaker. These four songs can also be found on Ryan's unreleased demo collection called Exile on Franklin Street, which is widely available for download through various blogs and torrent sites.

Because the songs are simply 4 track demos, the performances are a little rough and tumble sounding. Still it's interesting to hear these songs prior fruition. Here "The Rescue Blues" is played as a slow and sleepy full band electric version. "Enemy Blanks" (later re-titled "Enemy Fire") and "Come Pick Me Up" both sound pretty identical to the finalized versions released on Gold and Heartbreaker. But for me the real highlight is "Tell Me How You Want Me", which was never released on an album, and features some intense, and broken down Neil Young and Crazy Horse epic rock. The song was also played regularly at shows with one of his early Nashville bands - The Esquires (which featured Gillian Welch and David Rawlings).

Semi-Essential - geared more towards the completist.

Key Track: "Tell Me How You Want Me"

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