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Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Is It (EP)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 5/24/04

1. This is It (acoustic version)

2. Red Lights

3. Closer When She Goes

4. Twice as Bad as Love

All songs written by Ryan Adams/ Johnny T; except track 4 - written by Ryan Adams.

Track 1 produced by James Barber

Tracks 2 and 3 produced by Eli Janey

Track 4 produced by John Porter

The Background/Random Info

This is It is easily one of my favorite Ryan Adams EPs! In my opinion, these songs rival just about everything on both Rock N Roll and Love is Hell. These songs offer a deeper glimpse into the making of those albums. Love is Hell leftover - "Twice as Bad as Love" sounds like The Jesus and Mary Chain going acoustic. "Closer When She Goes" sounds like a long lost rockabilly song straight out of Sun Records. "Red Lights" is a rocker that would have fit perfectly on Rock N Roll and is highlighted by Ryan's guttural singing. And lastly the title track, which here is reworked as a sparse slow acoustic version sounds like a completely different song than what was recorded for Rock N Roll.

Other than "Red Lights", these songs were previously available as bonus tracks and b-sides. "This is It" was released as a b-side on the "Wonderwall" single. "Twice as Bad as Love" was a bonus cut on the UK version of Love is Hell. And "Closer When She Goes" was released on the "Halloween" promo single.


Key Tracks: "This is It (acoustic)", "Closer When She Goes", "Twice as Bad as Love"

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  1. Where does the "acoustic version" come from? My copy has the LP version on it.