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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Answering Bell (single - version 1)

(Lost Highway Records)
Released 2/18/02

1. Answering Bell
2. Touch, Feel, and Lose (live)
3. Answering Bell (live)

The Background/Random Info

The second single from Gold features two high energy live songs (one from Heartbreaker, one from Gold), and the music video for "Answering Bell". Both "Touch, Feel, and Lose" and "Answering Bell" were taken from a raucous live show at the famous Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, Holland in October, 2001. These songs capture Ryan Adams and the Sweetheart Revolution at the peak of their playing days. Ryan's vocals are in your face, part punk, part country rocker. And his band backs him with a whiskey soaked rough around the edges style that sounds like part Replacements/part the Band. If you've never heard Ryan Adams live from 2001-2002, these two tracks are a great place to start.


Key Tracks: "Touch, Feel, and Lose", "Answering Bell"

Sweet Video from the Paradiso, 2001

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