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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Answering Bell (single - version 2)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 2/18/02

1. Answering Bell

2. The Bar is a Beautiful Place

3. Sweet Black Magic

The Background/Random Info

This version of the "Answering Bell" single was released exclusively in the UK. It features two tracks which were originally released on early pressings of Gold, as an EP titled Side Four. This single also features a music video of "Answering Bell". This is my favorite single release from Gold. "The Bar is a Beautiful Place" is a fine drinking song, that you could imagine Tom Waits belting out early in his career. While "Sweet Black Magic" whips up a hot batch of Appalachian folk music with Ryan singing and playing banjo.

Not essential if you can get a hold of the EP that accompanied - Gold titled Side 4, but Essential if you can't find it

Key Tracks: "The Bar is a Beautiful Place", and "Sweet Black Magic"

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