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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Parker, It's Christmas (single)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released December, 2003

1. Hey Parker, It's Christmas

Written and Produced by Ryan Adams

2. Don't Even Know Her Name

The Background/Random Info

This promo 7" Christmas single was given away at indie record stores with the purchase of Rock N Roll or Love is Hell. Although "Don't Even Know Her Name" is the b-side, these records are actually mislabeled and have "Ah, Life" listed as the b-side. Regardless this is a great little extrasingle that Lost Highway and Ryan decided to give their fans. "Hey Parker, It's Christmas" is a slow maudlin song with shattered guitar lines and fits in nicely with the rest of Love is Hell. The song was written for Ryan's girlfriend at the time - actress Parker Posey, and features Ryan singing in a British accent about Christmas in New York City. "Don't Even Know Her Name" has been released on the single for "So Alive" and on the Moroccan Role EP, and is a great rockabilly influenced, hard driving rocker.


Key Tracks: "Hey Parker, It's Christmas", "Don't Even Know Her Name

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