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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nuclear (single - version 2)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 9/16/02

1. Nuclear

Ryan Adams - Guitar, Vocals

Brad Rice - Guitar

Bucky Baxter - Steel Guitar

Billy Mercer - Bass

Brad Pemberton - Drums

Produced by Dave Domanich

2. Song for Keith

Ryan Adams - Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Billy Mercer - Bass

Tony Salzo - Piano

Brad Rice - Guitar

David Rawlings - Guitar

Produced by Dave Domanich

The Background/Random Info

This limited edition single was released exclusively on 7" vinyl. Both songs were taken from the unreleased Pinkhearts sessions. These sessions featured some of Ryan's more carefree and fun songs, and his ode to Keith Richards is a perfect example. The song is about hanging out, "Getting stoned to the Rolling Stones" and thinking about Keith. It's worth a listen but doesn't stand up to the other 15 or so songs from the Pinkhearts sessions.

Not essential but still pretty sweet

Key Tracks: none

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