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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Alive (single - version 2)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released 1/19/04

1. So Alive

2. Luxury

The Background/Random Info

This limited edition, numbered single was released on 7" vinyl and sold exclusively in the UK. "Luxury" is one of the best b-sides from Rock N Roll and can only be found on this single. The song starts off like a swift kick in the pants and doesn't let up for a second. It's funny to hear how different Rock N Roll could have been if it included more of these b-sides. Where Rock N Roll tends to be sleak, poppy and of the times. The b-sides sound like they were recorded in someone's basement and have a throwback punk/rockabilly vibe to them.

Essential and worth seeking out the song - "Luxury"

Key Tracks: "Luxury"

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