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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ashes and Fire is Out!! Cool New Videos and Set Lists...

So Ashes and Fire is finally out! Across the board, this album has been getting some serious hype and for good reason. The man, the great, the impeccable Ryan Adams is back!

If you haven't checked the record out yet, you have lots of options for buying it. Here are some of them:

A deluxe bundle version of the album comes with an Ashes and Fire t-shirt, a pair of 3D glasses, aposter, a very cool 3D booklet containing wolves and food floating in space, and a flexi-disc of a long lost re-recorded classic called "Petal in a Rainstorm" (which I highly recommend hearing). Also as another bonus you get a free download of "Darkness".

This version comes with the bonus track - "Star Sign" - an eerie spacy tune, part Love is Hell part Heartbreaker.

Various Imports - www.amazon.com
Comes with "Star Sign" and/or "Til I Found You" - another lovely, hold your girlfriend's hand, and walk down the beach love song.

Various Indie Record Stores
Are giving the album away with a large lyric book.


Some Sweet New Videos

The Conan O'Brien Show (10/10)

A Great Interview and Performance recorded on StreetRadio.com

New Music Video for "Lucky Now


New Setlists/Show Info

10/9 - Largo, Los Angeles, CA
Very intimate surprise gig with a crowd of only 100-200 people. "Cannonball Days" is played for the first time!

Oh My Sweet Carolina /Ashes & Fire /If I Am A Stranger /Blue Hotel /Invisible Riverside /Dirty Rain /Sweet Lil Gal /Winding Wheel /Firecracker /Everybody Knows /Lucky Now /New York, New York (piano version) /Let It Ride /Carolina Rain /Why Do They Leave? /Two / Jacksonville Skyline /16 Days /My Blue Manhattan /Please Do Not Let Me Go /Cannonball Days /Strawberry Wine

10/10 - Masonic Lodge, Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles, CA
Very Intimate gig played on the grounds of a cemetery in Los Angeles, CA

Oh My Sweet Carolina/ Firecracker/

My Winding Wheel/

Damn, Sam/

New York, New York/

Carolina Rain/

Dirty Rain/

Let It Ride/

Ashes & Fire/

Do I Wait/

Invisible Riverside/

Lucky Now/

Houses On The Hill/

Jacksonville Skyline/

Everybody Knows/

Come Pick Me Up/

English Girls Approximately/

This House Is Not For Sale/

Please, Do Not Let Me Go/

I See Monsters



Sweet Illusions/


Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)


And lastly, if anyone happens to go to any of the upcoming shows and gets an extra copy of the tour exclusive 7" of "Star Sign"/"Come Home"..... Please let me know!! I can trade you for something.

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