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Saturday, October 22, 2011

US Solo Tour Set Lists 10/11-10/21 - Leg 1

10/11 - Balboa Theater, San Diego, CA
Lots of excellent reviews came in for this one. Ryan was funny, played an improv called "Dancing Rail" after someone in the crowd requested "Mansard Roof" (Vampire Weekend)
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I Am a Stranger /Dirty Rain/Invisible Riverside/Rescue Blues/My Winding Wheel/Why Do They Leave?/Lucky Now/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Firecracker/New York, New York (piano version)/Let It Ride/Blue Hotel/Carolina Rain/Two/Two (metal version)/I See Monsters/Jacksonville Skyline/Houses On The Hill/This House Is Not For Sale/Come Pick Me Up

10/13 - Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA
Jason Isbell opened the show and joined Ryan at the end of his set.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Everybody Knows/Ashes & Fire/Dirty Rain/Sweet Lil Gal/Invisible Riverside/New York New York/Winding Wheel/Firecracker/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Lucky Now/(pee break)/English Girls Approximately/Let It Ride/Blue Hotel/Carolina Rain/Two/16 Days/Houses on the Hill/I see Monsters/Why Do They Leave/(Don McLean improv.)/Jacksonville Skyline/Love In The First Degree (Alabama cover with Jason Isbell)/Dancing with the Women (with Jason Isbell)/(Don't Forget the Relish improv.)/Come Pick Me Up (with Jason Isbell
10/14 - Herbst Theater, San Francisco, CA
Another solid show. Some fans said he repeated a lot of jokes from the previous night, but the encore with Jason Isbell was amazing.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I Am A Stranger/Dirty Rain/Sweet L'il Gal (piano)/-Ass falls asleep banter-/I See Monsters/-Boobs speeding tickets and ... (?) banter-/Invisible Riverside /Everybody Knows/Firecracker/Winding Wheel/Lucky Now/New York New York (piano)/Let It Ride/Please Do Not Let Me go/-Drink your juice, drink ginger tea, change your fucking bong water. And don't drink it! banter-/Carolina Rain/Two/English Girls Approximately/Why Do They Leave?/Houses on the Hill/Bartering Lines--encore with Jason Isbell--Love in the first degree (Alabama cover)/Danko/Manuel (Drive By Truckers cover)/Come pick me up
10/15 - Uptown Theater, Napa, CA
Great set that featured some rare solo performances of "The End" and "Now that You're Gone". Jason Isbell again joined Ryan for the encore.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/Now that your gone/Dirty rain/Winding wheel/My blue manhattan /If I am a stranger/Withering Heights/Invisible Riverside/Everybody knows/Firecracker/Let it Ride/Please do not let me go/I See monsters/ Lucky now/New York New York/The End/Carolina Rain/Two/To be YoungEncore (w/ Jason Isbell)Love in the 1st degree/ Danko/Manuel/Jacksonville City Skyline
10/17 - The Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA
Tonight's show featured a rare solo rendition of "Beautiful Sorta". Jason Isbell again joined in for the encore. Fans have said Ryan seemed a little more relaxed at this show and played for close to 3 hours. At one point in the show he talked about the song - "My Love for You is Real" and said he doesn't like it, thought it had potential but never was happy with the finished product.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/Why Do They Leave/Dirty Rain/If I Am A Stranger/Sweet Lil Gal/- Story about the worst set ever/Firecracker/Everybody Knows/Let It Ride/Lucky Now/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Withering Heights/Houses On The Hill/Now that you're gone/- Ice cream cones banter/Mr. ADD song/Winding Wheel/English girls Approximately/Two/New York New York/The End/Beautiful Sorta/Sweet illusions/Avenues/I see monsters- Encore with Jason Isbell:Love in the first degree/Danko/Manuel/Come Pick Me Up
10/18 - Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA
Sadly the last show of the tour with Jason Isbell, who again sat in for the encore. Ryan dedicated a special metal improv at the end of the show to Isbell. Dressed in a black hood, two women in cloaks and black metal makeup walked slowly across the stage with candles. "Chains of Love" was requested by Mandy Moore who texted him the request while on stage. According to a fan who went to all of the shows, this was easily the best.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I Am a Stranger/Dirty Rain/Sylvia Plath/Winding Wheel/Lucky Now/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/New York New York/Let It Ride/Chains of Love/Two/Crossed Out Name/La Cienega Just Smiled/Beautiful Sorta/This House Is Not For Sale/Come Pick Me Up Encore with Jason Isbell: Love In The First Degree/Danko/Manuel/Super Awesome New Friend (Ryan metal solo for Jason)
10/20 - The Shedd, Eugene, OR
This show receieved tons of positive reviews among fans. Ryan was hilarious, played some some parts of some unreleased metal songs he was writing, and also did a rare performance of "Cry on Demand".
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/If I Am a Stranger/Dirty Rain/Sweet L'il Gal (23rd/1st)/My Winding Wheel/Lucky Now/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/New York, New York/Withering Heights/ Let It Ride/Two/Strawberry Wine/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Crossed Out Name/ The End/Avenues/Dancing with the Women at the Bar/Chains of Love/ My Blue Manhattan/Sylvia Plath
Encore:Cry on Demand/Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)/Come Pick Me Up

10/21 - Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I Am A Stranger/Dirty Rain/Sweet Lil Gal (piano)/Lucky Now/Crossed Out Name/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/New York New York/Let It Ride/Two/Carolina Rain/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Jacksonville Skyline/Winding Wheel/The End/Avenues/English Girls Approximately/Why Do They Leave/Chains of Love/Withering Heights/Strawberry Wine (a la death metal)/16 Days/Come Pick Me Up

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