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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

European Solo Tour Notes and Set Lists (10/27-11/13)

10/27 - Union Chapel, London, UK
25 Songs
This show featured the debut performance of "Rocks" and other rarities like "Halloween", "When Will You Come Back Home" (first time played solo), and "In My Time of Need". Great Show. Ryan was in a goofy mood and played a couple funny improvs. One fan said that of the 12 Ryan Adams shows he had witnessed, this was undoubtedly the best. Ryan played some of the set on his old black Harmony acoustic guitar from the Cardinals days.
Oh My Sweet Carolina /Ashes & Fire /If I Am A Stranger /Dirty Rain /My Winding Wheel /Sylvia Plath /Firecracker /Invisible Riverside /Everybody Knows /Lucky Now /Please Do Not Let Me Go /Rocks /New York New York /Crossed Out Name /Two /When Will You Come Back Home /Why Do They Leave? /English Girls Approximately /Houses on The Hill /Avenues /Jacksonville Skyline
In My Time Of Need /Dear Chicago /Cold Sweater For A Reason (Improv) /Halloween /Come Pick Me Up

10/28 - York Grand Opera House, York, UK
24 Songs
Show featured rare solo performances of "Evergreen", and "The End". During "The End", Ryan threw in a line about "shooting robot reptilians with lazers". He played a few on the spot improv songs (one called "Oh Fuck, Everything is fucked!"). Overall reviews were a bit mixed, mainly due to the crowd talking and moving around a lot throughout the show and bad plumbing noises from toilets flushing. Unlike the recent US west coast tour, there seems to be no rare 7" records being sold on this leg of the tour.
Oh My Sweet carolina/Ashes and fire/Now that you're gone/Dirty rain/ My Winding wheel/Sweet lil gal/Firecracker/Invisible Riverside/Evergreen/Everybody knows/Lucky Now/Two/Crossed Out Name/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Improv 'oh fuck, everything is fucked'/Do I Wait/ New York New York/The End/Chains Of Love
Withering Heights/When Will You Come Back Home/Avenues/16 Days/Jacksonville Skyline/Thank you improv/Come Pick Me Up

10/30 - Festival Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland
23 Songs
Ryan played 5 Whiskeytown songs in a row at the end. Lots of great reviews from fans. Ryan was in a funny mood again. One heckler in the crowd asked Ryan why he wasnt playing Manchester and called him a "lightweight". Ryan responded by calling him a dick and dedicated "The End" to him. Fans continue to mention these gigs blowing away the old shows they have seen.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I Am A Stranger/Dirty Rain/My Winding Wheel/Sweet Lil Gal/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/Let It Ride/Ride The Lion To the Waffle House Improv/Why Do They Leave?/Please Do Not Let Me Go/New York New York/Lucky Now/Two/Crossed Out Name/Jacksonville Skyline/Avenues/Dancing With The Women At The Bar/Houses On The Hill/16 Days
--Fake Encore----
The End/Come Pick Me Up

11/1 - Cadogen Hall, London, UK
22 Songs
Show ran a little over 2 hours. Live debut of "Kindness"! Fans said he was a little more mellow tonight, not in his usual goofy funny mood, however the playing was excellent and show was more polished than the last bunch of UK shows.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes And Fire/If I Am A Stranger/Dirty Rain/My Winding Wheel/Sylvia Plath/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/"ATM Shoegaze" improv/Firecracker (guitar)/Let It Ride/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Why Do They Leave?/New York, New York (piano)/Lucky Now/Two/Crossed Out Name/Jacksonville Skyline/Do I Wait/Come Pick Me Up
When Will You Come Back Home?/Kindness/English Girls Approximately

11/2 - Le Trianon Hall, Paris, FR
24 Songs.
Ryan played a new Kiss inspired version of "Dear Chicago". Fans said there wants much banter tonight, but Ryan was very focused on the songs, and sounded better than ever. He was still in a good mood and said he didnt want to try and speak in french, because he said he might ruin their culture.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and fire/Damn Sam/Dirty Rain/Winding wheel/Sylvia Plath/Mr Bananas improv/Invisible Riverside/When will you come back home/Everybody knows/Firecracker/The End/The Rescue blues/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Why do they leave?/New York, New York/Lucky now/Crossed out name/Two/16 days/Avenues
Dear Chicago (KISS lick it up version)/La Cienega Just Smiled/I see monsters/The thank you song improv/Come Pick Me Up

11/4 - Chasse Theater, Breda, Netherlands
20 Songs
Ryan cut this gig a little short after an hour and a half, because he was sick with food poisoning. Ryan tweeted that he almost puked during the harmonica solo on "Firecracker". This show was also video taped for a tv special in December.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/If I am a Stranger/Dirty Rain/Winding Wheel/Sylvia Plath/Invisible Riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/Let It Ride/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Short improv. 'Feels like I was kicked in the stomach by a horse'/Why Do They Leave/New York New York/Lucky Now/Two/Crossed Out Name/Chains of Love/Do I Wait/16 Days/Thank You song; "Thank you for being so nice while I wasn't feeling well"/Come Pick Me Up

11/5 - Cirque Royale, Brussels, BE
26 Songs
Ryan's birthday! "Somebody Remembers the Rose" is played for first time since 2001. Towards the end of the show, some people dressed up as a clown and a grim reaper snuck up on Ryan while he was playing. Ryan was not sick tonight and there were tons of positive reviews. The grim reaper sang happy birthday to Ryan while on stage. Many long time fans are still raving about this one being one of the classic Ryan shows.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/La Cienega Just Smiled/Dirty Rain/Winding Wheel/Sylvia Plath/Firecracker/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Everybody Knows/Let It Ride/Dear Chicago/Somebody Remembers the Rose/Chains of Love/New York New York/Lucky Now/Two/When Will You Come Back Home/This House Is Not For Sale/Do I Wait/Jacksonville Skyline/Crossed Out Name/Withering Heights/The End/Come Pick Me Up
(Two Unnecessary Clowns creeping up on Ryan...)
Grim Reaper turns up on stage.... Singing Happy Birthday to Ryan.
Ryan tells him he has lots of records with his picture on the sleeve...

11/7 - Drammen Theater, Drammen, Norway
21 Songs
Very small venue, only about 500 seats. Ryan was having some problems with his hearing. Fans said he didn't talk much for the first hour but loosened up and was pretty funny during the second half. Ryan did some improv songs during the show (one about Norwegian black metal on piano).
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/La Cienega Just Smiled/Dirty Rain/Dear Chicago/Bartering Lines/The Rescue Blues/Everybody Knows/Blue Hotel/Carolina Rain/Firecracker/Lucky Now/Two/New York, New York/Let it Ride/Winding Wheel
Do I Wait/16 Days/Crossed Out Name/Why Do They Leave?/Come Pick Me Up

11/8 - Concerthouse, Goteborg, Sweden
27 Songs!!
Show featured the live cover debuts of "Nutshell" (Alice in Chains) and "Grinder" (Judas Priest), as well as some rarities like "Cannonball Days", and "Somebody Remembers the Rose". Ryan said during the show that he would play an encore that would "make the internet nerds drool".
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/If I am a stranger/Dirty Rain/My Winding Wheel/Sylvia Plath/Invisible riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/Let it ride/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Lucky Now/Grinder (Judas Priest song)/Two/New York, New York/Chains of Love/Crossed Out Name/This House Is Not For Sale/Do I Wait
Somebody remembers the rose /La Cienega just smiled/Cannonball days/16 days/English girls approximately/Avenues/Dear Chicago/Nutshell

11/9 - Concerthouse, Uppsala, Sweden
21 Songs
Ryan included some improv about a falcon in "The End". Overall, fans said this show wasn't quite as good as previous nights, too much tuning. Show was recorded.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes & Fire/Dirty Rain/If I Am A Stranger/My Winding Wheel/Rescue Blues/Invisible riverside/Everybody Knows/Firecracker/Let it ride/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Lucky Now/Two/The End/New York, New York/Chains of Love/Come Pick Me Up/Crossed Out Name/La Cienega just smiled/16 days (Metal)/Nutshell
(songs may be slightly out of order)

11/12 - St. Johannes Church, Malmo, Sweden
26 Songs!
Show was around 2 and 1/2 hours long and ended with a 6 song encore of songs from Cardinology. Concert took place in an old church that fit around 600 people. One fan said the first half of the show was one of the best he's ever seen by Ryan. He played some very funny improvs
oh my sweet carolina/ashes & fire/if i am a stranger/ the rescue blues/dirty rain/winding wheel/sylvia plath/invisible riverside/improv (cell phones, flash photography, taping...)/everybody knows/firecracker/let it ride/desire/improv (old and weird)/please dont let me go (with fake 70s tour story intro)/lucky now/two/new york new york/improv (short blues)/chains of love/crossed out name/do i wait/english girls approximately
cobwebs/evergreen/natural ghost/like yesterday/sink ships/stop

11/13 - Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark
31 Songs!
One of the most impressive set lists Ryan has played in maybe 4 years or more! Local newspaper gave this show 6 stars out of 5. Super long (almost 3 hours), tons of rarities ("Pa", "Chin Up Cheer Up", "Nobody Girl", "Afraid Not Scared", "Blue Sky Blues", "Meadowlake Street"!
oh my sweet carolina/ashes & fire/chin up,cheer up/dirty rain/winding wheel/blue sky blues/go easy/pa/invisible riverside/everybody knows/meadowlake street/please do not let me go/lucky now/two/New York, New York/ like yesterday/chains of love/crossed out name/afraid not scared/why do they leave/jacksonville skyline/dear chicago/la cienega just smiled/let it ride/improvised song abot a couple on a date/nobody girl/black metal improvised song (sweet carolina)/when will you come back home/english girls approximately/natural ghost/bartering ilnes/do i wait/improvised song singing about the show, audience, food etc..../come pick me up

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