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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Rumours, Predictions, and Goals

2011 was a great year to be a Ryan Adams fan. Ryan gave us one of the best albums of his career with Ashes & Fire, tons of cool 7" singles, bonus tracks, and Iron Maiden covers. His shows have been awe-inspiring and his voice and playing have never sounded better. This year also brought some of Ryan Adams' most revealing interviews. It's clear from reading and listening to any of them, that the man is in a much happier place than he was in years past.

2012 should be another phenomenal year for Ryan. With his new recording studio and label in full gear, it's destined to be another busy year. Below are some of the rumours mentioned from random tweet posts,articles, interviews etc:

iTunes Session - Ryan recently recorded a session for iTunes in the Capital Records studio in Los Angeles. Should be a mix of Ashes and Fire tracks and old favorites.

Chains of Love single - maybe we'll get some more b-sides. Ryan posted a picture of the artwork for the sleeve.

Blackhole - the long awaited album that took him 5 years to make and has been described as a companion album to Love is Hell. Ryan compares it to sounding somewhere between The Lemonheads, My Bloody Valentine, and Husker Du. The album was produced by Tom Schick and Jamie Candiloro. Albums have been pressed and printed. This will come out on Pax-Am Records, but probably not until the press for Ashes & Fire dies down a bit.

Phoenix - new book of poetry which was originally planned to come out before the end of the year through Akashic. His best book yet!

A New Album with Glyn Johns - Ryan said he plans to record his next album with Glyn Johns. I predict a full band affair, maybe like 48 Hours but darker. I'm predicting this to be out either late in year or first quarter of 2013.

Live Show Box Set - Ryan professionally recorded all of his live shows in 2011. I don't see how the guy is going to be able to release a box set with everything else in the works for the year. Perhaps a show download site where fans can pay $5 per show.

Untitled Film Soundtrack - Ryan Adams recorded new songs with Faces keyboard player - Ian McLagen, ex-Cardinal - Cindy Cashdollar, and Black Keys bassist - Gus Seyffert. No other details have been released yet.

Songwriting with Jason Isbell - according to Twitter posts, Ryan and Jason are planning to do some writing together in January. Very excited to see if anything comes from these jams.

Lots of Touring!!

Night Sweats!! - Please bring this back!!

Other Pax-Am Releases - D Generation have already said their big comeback record will be released on Pax-Am this year. Chris Stills, great songwriter who opened for Ryan on his recent tour and is the son of guitar great - Stephen Stills, did some recording at Pax-Am.

My Goals for 2012 and this Blog

- Finish the complete discography/album info guide for all Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams releases

- Upload stellar shows for download.

- Trivia Contests

- Tour Logs

- More Articles/Interviews

- T-Shirt/Tour Poster Archive

- Where are they Now Section

Highlight the awesome bandmates, producers, and collaborators that Ryan has worked with over the years.

- Influences Section

Posts to highlight some of the bands that Ryan is obsessed with - Voivod, The Smiths, Celtic Frost etc

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