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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Halloween (single)

(Lost Highway Records)

Released July, 2004

1. Halloween

Produced by Ryan Adams and Tom Schick

2. Closer When She Goes

Produced by Eli Janney and Ryan Adams

3. Funeral Marching

Produced by Eli Janney and Ryan Adams

The Background/Random Info

This rare promotional CD features three hard to find gems from the Love is Hell and Rock n' Roll sessions. All three are excellent and among the best of the b-sides from this time period! Recorded for Love is Hell, the title track is a quiet folk song with some nice finger picking, and is my favorite of the three. "Closer When She Goes" is a short but sweet rockabilly number. While "Funeral Marching" is a moody epic rocker with testy vocals that sounds like it could be Rock n' Roll's answer to Gold's "Touch Feel and Lose".

All three tracks were previously available on other albums and EPs. "Halloween" was released as a bonus track on import versions of Love is Hell. "Closer When She Goes" was released on the This is It EP And "Funeral Marching" was a bonus track on some import versions of Rock N Roll.


Key Tracks: "Halloween", "Closer When She Goes", and "Funeral Marching"

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