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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now That You're Gone (single)

(Pax-Am Records 003)

Released November, 2004

1. Now that You're Gone

2. If I Am a Stranger

The Background/Random Info

This extremely rare clear 7" vinyl was sold exclusively at Ryan Adams and the Cardinals shows in the Fall of 2004. It marks the 3rd release from Ryan's own label- Pax-Am. Although now fetching up to $100 from buyers on eBay, this single is one of the best Pax-Am releases out there.

These songs were the first "new" recordings Ryan Adams had released since Rock n' Roll/Love is Hell and were later re-recorded for Cold Roses. Neither track is radically different from the final versions, but here they have a much warmer, more inviting 4-track demo quality. "Now that You're Gone" features some synth, quiet piano playing, and mandolin in the background. "If I Am a Stranger" has a more laid back, rootsy, folk feel to the alt-country full band sound on Cold Roses and features some excellent mandolin playing, and great background singing.

This version of "Now that You're Gone" was also released on a Lost Highway Records sampler disc the following year.


Key Tracks: "Now that You're Gone", "If I Am a Stranger"

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