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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

US Solo Tour Wrap-Up (1/24-2/4/12)

(Illustration by Adam Graham/The Detroit News)

Ryan Adams' first leg of touring in 2012 was yet another success. Overall, reviews of the gigs were positive and Ryan was as hilarious as he's ever been! Before the tour started, I dreamt that maybe Ryan would pull out a few newly written songs. This didn't happen, but it did bring its' share of highlights, including the first live performance of "Wonderwall" since the fall of 2006. There were also plenty of amazing improv songs (most notably a song about his wife's cat which he played on piano almost every night titled - "Mr. Cat").

Although there were some surprises, Ryan settled into a pretty standard but effective set of songs to start each show. "Oh My Sweet Carolina" then into "Ashes and Fire", "If I Am a Stranger", "Dirty Rain", "My Winding Wheel", "Sweet Lil Gal", "Invisible Riverside", "Everybody Knows", "Firecracker". From here it was anybody's guess.

Ryan's buddy - Jason Isbell of the Drive-By Truckers opened up for him at most shows. In Louisville, they also made an appearance together on WFPK radio, where they were interviewed and played a few songs.

Other Notables

At the merch table, 7" limited edition vinyl copies of "Empty Room" and "Come Home" were being sold.

In eight shows, 37 different songs were played throughout the tour. Similar to the last couple of tours, the shows lasted between two and two and a half hours long with anywhere from 21-25 songs being played each night. "Ashes and Fire", "Dirty Rain", "Everybody Knows", "Please Do Not Let Me Go", "Firecracker", "New York New York", "Oh My Sweet Carolina", "My Winding Wheel", and "Come Pick Me Up" were played at every show. "Invisible Riverside", "Chains of Love", "Two", "If I Am a Stranger", "Let it Ride", "Wonderwall", "The Rescue Blues", "Sweet Lil Gal", and "16 Days" were played at all but one or two shows.

On the first night of the tour, Jason Isbell came out to sing and play during the encore. Together, Ryan and Jason played "Danko/Manuel", Jacksonville Skyline", and a cover of Alabama's "Love in the First Degree".

The rarely played solo rendition of "Go Easy" snuck back into the set lists again and was performed on 1/28 in Cincinnati and during the encore in Louisville on 1/30.

In Kansas City on 2/1, Ryan performed the rarely played "When Will You Come Back Home" and "Sweet Illusions" during the encore.

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