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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just in Case You Missed Anything..... vol. 2

A couple new updates.

-Ryan posted on his twitter page in mid February, that he was trying out some new demos at Pax-Am Studios. He mentioned working with drummer - Marshall Vore and guitarist - David LaBrel, and that the songs sounded like Dinosaur Jr. (pretty rad!).

- Ryan recently filmed a performance for Max TV in Australia. No air date has been mentioned yet. But the taping took place on 2/23 and featured the following songs:
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Ashes and Fire/Dirty Rain/Everybody Knows/Chains of Love/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Lucky Now/Holy Diver (Dio)

- And finally, in case you missed it, below is a short 30 Rock - animated cartoon featuring Ryan Adams that took place around the time of the Super Bowl this year.

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