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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just in Case You Missed Anything.... vol. 3

A few random updates:
- Counting Crows will release their cover of "Winding Wheel". It's featured as a bonus track for their new album - Underwater Sunshine. So far, I've only seen it mentioned here. So I'm not sure if this is coming out in the US or not. Either way, it should be pretty cool. Counting Crows used to cover Ryan Adams songs at their infamous Shim Sham Club shows in New Orleans, which was how I first got into Ryan's music.

-Ethan Johns (the producer behind some of Ryan's best work), is releasing a solo album due out in July. Ryan Adams and Laura Marling sing background vocals on the first single - the sweet, calming, Nick Drake-esque, folk song "Whip-Poor-Will". See the video out below:

- And finally speaking of "Winding Wheel", Laura Marling - a young shining light and true songwriter in today's folk scene has been covering Ryan Adams tunes at her recent shows. (See Below)

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