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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Acoustic Nightmare Solo Tour Notes and Set Lists (6/7-28/11)

6/7- Cork Opera House, Cork, Ireland
19 Songs. 1 hour 45 minutes. 2 New Songs. Show was Great. Although some fans complained of Ryan's guitar going out of tune.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Dirty Rain/If I Am a Stranger/Firecracker/New York New York/Two/Blue Hotel/Carolina Rain/Crossed Out Name/Sylvia Plath/Dear Chicago/Everybody Knows/Damn Sam/Ashes and Fire/Avenues/Let it Ride/Withering Heights/Desire/Please Do Not Let Me Go

6/8 - Olympia Theater, Dublin, Ireland
17 Songs. Ryan played 2 funny improv songs and 1 New Song. Another great show with funny banter and a very lively Dublin crowd. Some fans still mentioned Ryan spent a lot of time spent tuning his guitar.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Call Me on Your Way Back Home/Everybody Knows/Damn Sam/If I Am a Stranger/New York New York/In My Time of Need/Withering Heights/Let it Ride/Desire/Sylvia Plath/Firecracker/Two/Dirty Rain/16 Days/Bartering Lines/Strawberry Wine

6/10 - Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden 
21 Songs. right around 2 Hours Long. 1 New Song. said to be the best show of the first 3 from people attending all of them. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/If I Am a Stranger/Firecracker/Damn Sam/Please Do Not Let Me Go/New York New York/Let it Ride/Everybody Knows/Call Me on Your Way Back Home/Desire/Sylvia Plath/Invisible Riverside/Dear Chicago/16 Days/Blue Hotel/Two/My Winding Wheel/Come Pick Me Up/September/Halloween/Houses on the Hill

6/11 - Folketeatret, Oslo, Norway
17 Songs. 1 Hour, 40 minutes. No New Songs but there was a black metal improv version of "16 Days".
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Don't Fail Me Now/Crossed Out Name/Let it Ride/Desire/The Rescue Blues/Blue Hotel/Dancing with the Women at the Bar/Please Do Not Let Me Go/If I Am a Stranger/Sylvia Plath/Come Pick Me Up/Two/Everybody Knows/Friends/This House is Not for Sale/16 Days

6/13 - The Concert House, Malmo, Sweden
20 Songs (8 were brand new!!). Supposedly a new 7" is being sold at these shows featuring an unreleased track ("Empty Room") and an Alice in Chains cover ("Nutshell"). Ryan stopped a song halfway through to get a guy to stop filming the show. For the encore, Ryan came out and proceeded to play half of the new album.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Don't Fail Me Now/Firecracker/Damn Sam/I Taught Myself How to Grow Old/New York New York/Invisible Riverside/English Girls Approximately/Dirty Rain/My Winding Wheel/If I Am a Stranger/Let it Ride/Desire/Cannonball Days/Star Sign/Ashes and Fire/Do I Wait/Chains of Love/Lucky Now/Come Home

6/14 - Koncerhauset, Copenhagen, Denmark
18 Songs, 2 were new, and 3 Whiskeytown songs! 2 hours long. Maybe the best set list yet. The venue was a strange theater where Ryan was surrounded on all sides by the audience.
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Carolina Rain/Invisible Riverside/If I Am a Stranger/Jacksonville Skyline/This House is Not for Sale/Halloween/New York New York/Dancing with the Women at the Bar/Everybody Knows/Two/Sweet Illusions/English Girls Approximately/September/Sylvia Plath/Let it Ride/Do I Wait/16 Days

6/16 - Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
18 songs. 4 new songs and a Cowboy Junkies cover. 2 hours long. Once again, nothing but great reviews. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Firecracker/Don't Fail Me Now/Please Do Not Let Me Go/If I Am a Stranger/Everybody Knows/New York New York/Invisible Riverside/200 More Miles (Cowboy Junkies)/This House is Not for Sale/16 Days/Do I Wait/English Girls Approximately/Strawberry Wine/Desire/Come Pick Me Up/I Love You But I Don't Know What to Say/Come Home

6/17 - Teatro Sa Da Bandeira, Porto, Portugal
15 songs - 1 hour 50 minutes. 1 new song. Everyone said this show was great and Ryan was in an extremely funny/goofy mood. He did a couple of improv songs (including a Jesus metal song). 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Dirty Rain/Off Broadway/Everybody Knows/Let it Ride/Sylvia Plath/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Carolina Rain/Firecracker/If I Am a Stranger/Damn Sam/Sweet Illusions/Two/Dancing with the Women at the Bar/Blue Hotel

6/19 - Barbican, London, UK 
19 Songs - just over 2 hours long. 2 new songs. The crowd was very loud and baraging Ryan with song requests, but Ryan managed to pull off a great show. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Invisible Riverside/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Why Do They Leave?/New York New York/Let it Ride/Desire/Carolina Rain/The Rescue Blues/Dirty Rain/In My Time of Need/My Winding Wheel/Bartering Lines/Firecracker/Everybody Knows/Houses on the Hill/Sylvia Plath/Strawberry Wine/Come Pick Me Up

6/20 - Barbican, London, UK
18 songs. Lots of positive reviews came in for this one. After the end of the show, Ryan came back out as "Ghorgon" , dressed in a hooded cape and sang an improv tune. Fans noted that he was less nervous tonight than last night, way more focused, funnier, and there was less tuning between songs. Quite a few people said it was the best show they'd ever seen period! 
To Be Young/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Damn Sam/Everybody Knows/If I Am a Stranger/Firecracker/My Winding Wheel/Invisible Riverside/New York New York/Ashes and Fire/Let it Ride/Desire/The Rescue Blues/English Girls Approximately/Blue Hotel/Amy/16 Days/Two/This House is Not for Sale/Stop

6/22 - Dome, Brighton, UK
18 songs. 1 New Song. Ryan started off playing 6 songs from "Heartbreaker" back to back. Ryan dedicated "Oh My Sweet Carolina" to his grandmother who had passed away just before the tour. Reviews were positive.
To Be Young/Oh My Sweet Carolina/My Winding Wheel/Call Me on Your Way Back Home/Bartering Lines/Why Do They Leave?/The Rescue Blues/Let it Ride/Everybody Knows/Two/Firecracker/Invisible Riverside/New York New York/Jacksonville Skyline/Houses on the Hill/Come Pick Me Up/Sylvia Plath/Strawberry Wine

6/23 - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK
18 Songs - 2 Hours - 2 New Songs. Ryan played past curfew at this gig. Reviews were very positive! Although the crowd was overall respectful, there were a few hecklers which Ryan swiftly and humorously put down. Quite a few people who had seen 5+ shows, said this one was easily their favorite Ryan show ever. There was one new song debut called "Save Me" which one fan described as "a simple country/gospel tune which could be killer with full instrumentation."
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Blue Hotel/If I Am a Stranger/Save Me/Carolina Rain/Everybody Knows/Sweet Lil' Gal/Let it Ride/Desire/Dirty Rain/Two/To Be Young/This House is Not for Sale/New York New York/Firecracker/Amy/English Girls Approximately/Why Do They Leave?

6/25 - Academy, Glasgow, UK
25 Song set - 2 and 1/2 hours long - the longest show of the tour! - 0 new ones but 2 funny improv songs - lots of positive reviews - many people saying it was the best RA show they've seen - One fan commented "its as if he's fallen back in love with his own songs.".... fans said he started out a little nervous but got over it really quick and by the end he was having a blast. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Why Do They Leave?/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Carolina Rain/Blue Hotel/If I Am a Stranger/New York New York/Firecracker/My Winding Wheel/Let it Ride/Desire/Sweet Illusions/Everybody Knows/To Be Young/Two/The Rescue Blues/16 Days/This House is Not for Sale/Sylvia Plath/Come Pick Me Up/English Girls Approximately/September/Halloween/Dear Chicago/Jacksonville Skyline

6/26 - Oxford New Theatre, Oxford, UK
19 songs - 1 New song - A couple people said that this show seemed to be a little more mellow than other gigs on the tour.   Ryan was a little quiet and had less energy on stage but it was still a fantastic gig. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Why Do They Leave?/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Carolina Rain/Sweet Lil Gal/Blue Hotel/Everybody Knows/September/My Winding Wheel/Firecracker/Do I Wait/New York New York/Let it Ride/Desire/Two/To Be Young/I See Monsters/Come Pick Me Up/Strawberry Wine

6/28 - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 20 songs - 0 new songs. Laura Marling opened up for Ryan at this show. Just about every song was listed on someone's list of highlights tonight. Fans said he played a greatest hits set and played every song like it was his last (maybe due to Laura Marling opening). Some fans claimed they'd never seen him perform so intensely and heartfelt before. 
Oh My Sweet Carolina/Blue Hotel/My Winding Wheel/Why Do they Leave?/Everybody Knows/If I Am a Stranger/To Be Young/Sweet Lil Gal/Carolina Rain/The Rescue Blues/Firecracker/Let it Ride/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Bartering Lines/New York New York/I See Monsters/Two/Come Pick Me Up/Stop/Strawberry Wine

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