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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

February 00' Tour Listening Logs

(Below I've jotted some notes from each show, starting with sound quality, then a brief overview of the performance, a list of the songs that I personally felt stood out from the rest, along with any quotes/banter/jokes I felt were worth mentioning.)

2/12/00 - The Aladdin, Portland, OR

2/13/00 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA
AUD - B+ (good recording  until towards the end of the disc, there is some slight static, crowd is very quiet while Ryan is playing, occasionally you can hear a couple people whispering in the background)
This is a stand-out performance from Ryan. You can already hear an improvement and more confident performer compared with the 99' shows. Ryan wins the crowd over with his performances and hilarious banter. So these performances were basically played "in the round" with each songwriter taking turns performing their song, while the others sit and listen or sing vocal harmonies. This recording is cut up so that you just get Ryan's performances, but it features Kim Richey singing back-up vocals on a few songs ("Oh My Sweet Carolina", "Don't Fail me Now", "Memories of You", and "Dancing with the Women.."). Chuck Prophet also sings backup on "Don't Fail Me Now". Anyway this is a pretty pivotal show since it includes the first performance of "To Be Young", as well as only the 2nd or 3rd live appearances of "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "Don't Fail me Now". 

Born Yesterday
Oh My Sweet Carolina - first known live appearance of the song, very cool and faster than the studio version, w/ Kim Richey on bcgd vocals.
Don't Fail Me Now - another first known live appearance and it's stunning, played as well and as great as the JCN version, with Chuck Prophet and Kim Richey on background vocals
"I've got Oh Fuck me in A minor and Oh Fuck Me Part 2 in D major and a couple of Fuck You's but i'm not playing them"
Memories of You - best sounding live version up to this point, Kim Richey background vocals really help bring out this song
Dancing with the Women at the Bar - w/ KR
Funny How I'm Losing You - r's voice sounds incredible, no background vocals
In My Time of Need - "i took a break to la la land (Woodstock, NY), and took a break from writing oh fuck me songs and wrote an oh fuck this guy song.." (about writing this song)
To Be the One - "This is a new song. I hate it."… someone yells out request for "I'm in Jail" as a joke, Ryan plays a brief improv song singing "I'm in jail….. fuck!", no background vocals
To Be Young - "this is one i just wrote, it makes no fucking sense but its funny" really cool to hear, first known live performance, basically the song was completely written, although some of his phrasing is different and a little rough with the playing but pretty incredible to hear….. im guessing that Dave Rawlings helped Ryan with polishing this tune up.

2/14/00 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA
SBD - A (volume is a little low, but great sound throughout!)
Night 2 at the Tractor Tavern and Valentines Day, Ryan apologizes for bumming people out during this holiday. Really awesome performance, Ryan changes up his setlist, playing "What Sin Replaces Love" and "Come Pick Me Up" for the first time ever….. and sadly the last ever live performance of "Folklore" (why God why??). Kim and Chuck seem in awe of Ryan's new songs, barraging him with compliments after each song like "that was beautiful, Ryan", "just made me tear up", and Chuck even can be heard saying "you're my hero" after he plays "Come Pick Me Up".

Born Yesterday
What Sin Replaces Love - "I've never played this before", really great version, no mistakes, without some of the grit in the vocals of later versions but very strong version
Don't Fail Me Now (w/ Chuck and Kim) - ever better than the first night, awesome!
Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Kim on vocals and Chuck noodling a bit on guitar in the background) - great version, ryan continues to play it a little faster than the studio version, but there something very nice about the stripped down nature of his singing on this version
To Be the One - awesome rendition, not sure why this stands out so much compared with previous live versions but I think it's his voice, much more old-man-like, more gruff
Drunk and Fucked Up
Funny How I'm Losing You
Hey There Mrs Lovely- "so i hated this song yesterday and I think i like it today", before the song Ryan says he watched Fargo 20 times before leaving for the tour and since then he hasn't been able to get "its my deal jerry, its my deal" out of his head.
Come Pick Me Up (w/ Kim Richey) - "i wrote this today, it probably sucks", really cool version and a must hear!, without the harmonica, slightly different chords, and different lyrics  chorus goes - "Come Pick Me Up/ Take Me Out/ Fuck Me Up/ Steal All My Records/ Break My Heart/ With a smile on your face and Do it Again" and 2nd verse - "When the sun goes down I like to wake up get dressed and go out/Talk on my phone, talk to my friends, they're all full of shit"

2/16/00 - Slim's, San Francisco, CA
AUD A- (great recording, some slight chatter from the crowd and the volume is a little low)
Last night of tour w/ Kim and Chuck, and another strong performance (although not quite as great as the nights before). Ryan plays great, although not as much goofy humor as the nights before. "To Be Young" is played for the 2nd time ever, and Ryan debuts another new song with bluegrassy, fast finger picked - "Bus Back to Memphis". This song would only be played one other time in concert (1/22/04). Lastly there's a pretty cool laid back rendition of "16 Days" played tonight worth checking out. According to Kim Richey, this tour with the three of them was only 4 northwest shows starting in Portland, OR (so they didn't play Nashville on 2/12 like some have noted). Kim mentioned that she had been writing some songs with Chuck.

Don't Fail Me Now (w/ Kim and Chuck)
Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Kim) - someone is also playing some guitar fills (probably Chuck?), sounds great, still fast like the other nights but even prettier with the added playing
Kim says "its the last night of our tour - 4 dates"
To Be the One
To Be Young - "the other day i was sitting around an decided to write a song that didn't make any fucking sense at all, and I think i did a pretty good job… here it is"….. still really neat to hear this song, some of the phrasing is different and would eventually be tightened up, but overall the song is pretty much all written. good stuff. the crowd definitely likes it.
Dancing with the Women at the Bar (w/ Kim) - "Are you staring at my headgear Stan"
Hey There Mrs Lovely
Born Yesterday
Bus Back to Memphis - new quickly finger picked bluegrass number
16 Days (w/ Chuck) - before the song someone yells out "Summer of 69'', Ryan says something like "man im wide open like a barn, and thats all you've got, come on"…… this is a really cool version of 16 Days, Ryan sorta leans back into it, very mellow, and much different from previous solo versions. also Chuck plays some subtle guitar licks

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