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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

October 99' Tour Listening Logs

(It should be noted that all of the performances from this leg were pretty great. There were a couple nights where Ryan's vocals sounded a bit tired sounding in places, but at no point did it effect the performance. Below I've jotted some notes from each show, starting with sound quality, then a brief overview of the performance, a list of the songs that I personally felt stood out from the rest, along with any quotes/banter/jokes I felt were worth mentioning.)

10/20/99 - The Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
AUD - B+/A- (some bar chatter, and heavy breathing from the guy recording, but everything is very listenable). 
Caitlin Cary joins Ryan for the last 5 songs (My Heart is Broken, Dancing with the Women…, Houses on the Hill, The Battle, Inn Town)… Likely the debut performances of a number of these songs. Opening night of tour.

To Be the One
Folklore - stunning version
Hey there Mrs Lovely
Me and My Ticket - played by fan request, and only time played live in concert!
In My Time of Need - "This is a song about i wrote for Johnny Cash's next album"
My Heart is Broken
Dancing with the Women at the Bar
Houses on the Hill
The Battle - another song played by fan request
Inn Town - probably the most stripped down version of the song ever performed live


10/21/99 - The Brewery, Raleigh, NC
SBD - A (near perfect sound)
Caitlin Cary joined Ryan onstage again as a surprise guest for 5 Whiskeytown songs (Desperate Ain't Lonely, Crazy Lonesome, My Heart is Broken, Dancing with the Women at the Bar, The Battle), followed by openers Kenny Roby and Chip Robinson coming out  to close out the night with some of their songs and "16 Days" (Unfortunately it cuts off close to the end of the song). Another great early show that includes a few rarities (Desperate Ain't Lonely, Theme for a Trucker, Crazy Lonesome, Folklore).

Funny How I'm Losing You
To Be the One
Theme for a Trucker - played by fan request, great stuff and rarely played solo
Nightime Gals - played by request
Desperate Ain't Lonely - only time played solo
Dancing with the Women at the Bar
The Battle

(above are my favorites, but just about everything was played great (minus the last few), these just stood out)


10/22/99 - The Brewery, Raleigh, NC
SBD - A- (in the early part of the show, some very faint music plays in the background, but goes away after a few songs)
Adams said he only got 3 hours of sleep the night before because he kept watching Steel Magnolias. Great show even though Ryan's vocals seem a little tired in places (it actually works well on a lot of songs). Caitlin Cary joins Ryan for "Dancing", "Heart if Broken", "The Battle", "Helpless", "You're Still on My Mind", "Burnin Bed", "Cold Steel Brace", and "16 Days". Kenny Roby and Chip Robinson guest on the last 5 of these. Also notable, "Statuettes with Wounds" is debuted at this show.

Hey There Mrs. Lovely
Petal in a Rainstorm
My Heart is Broken - Caitlin Cary says before the song that title was taken from a book she was reading. she asked Ryan to write the most heartbreaking country song ever with that title, and that's what he came up with.
The Battle
Helpess - with Chip Robinson, Caitlin Cary, and Kenny Roby


10/25/99 - Smith's Bar, Atlanta, GA
AUD - B+ (good quality with some slight hiss, occasionally you can overhear people's conversations in the background, and some slight bumps, but still very clear.) 
Another excellent performance. Not a whole lot of banter, but everything is played really well. "Onslow County" is played for the first time ever and is one of only a couple known live appearances. Show also includes a number of rarities ("Folklore", "Statuettes with Wounds", "The Day I Left Home (It Wasn't)"). The latter of which may have also been the first time it was ever played (but not sure about the complete set lists for the nights before this).

Petal in a Rainstorm
Hey there Mrs. Lovely
Dancing with the Women at the Bar
Folklore - Ryan said that he was back home recently taking care of his mom who was sick, and while he was there this became his favorite song.
Onslow County - "Absolutely noone has ever heard this song except for Van Alston…"……… could this be an early incarnation of "Come Pick Me Up"? same tempo, meter, harmonica playing, bridge starts out the same, hmmmmm


10/28/99 - Exit Inn, Nashville, TN
SBD - A (near perfect sound quality)
In all honesty, all of the performances from this leg are great. Ryan's playing and singing are solid at each gig.  But what makes this one so special is the appearance of Gillian Welch. During the set Ryan invites her up to play one of her own songs (the jaw-dropping - "Time's the Revelator") with Ryan backing her on lead guitar and some harmonies. Then she proceeds to back Ryan on vocal harmonies on "Dancing with the Women…", "Helpless", "Return of the Grievous Angel", and "16 Days". The pair sound like they've been performing together for years. Ryan also is in a wisecracking mood tonight with a ton of jokes (including "Stop staring at my headgear Stan"; "Today I got my official art-fag business card"; confusing Shery Crow lyrics- "to the batcave"). Rarities include "Onslow County" (only 2 known appearances!), "Folklore", "Return of the Grievous Angel", and "Statuettes with Wounds". This is definitely a one of a kind show.

Memories of You
To Be the One
In My Time of Need - "a song I wrote for the new Whiskeytown record but didn't go on it….", Ryan said he wrote the song about an old man who hung around their recording studio in Upstate New york, basically he tried to get inside his head and write a song from his perspective
Onslow County - "this is one of Van Alston's favorites…."
Folklore - Ryan said he was home recently to take care of his mom who was sick, and wrote this while staying there.
Time (The Revelator) - Gillian Welch sings with Ryan on background vocals and lead guitar
Dancing with the Women at the Bar - w/ Gillian on harmonies
Helpless - soooo freaking great! w/ Gillian on harmonies
(Ryan invites Dixie up on the stage to model the tour t-shirt they are selling at shows)
Nightime Gals - played by fan request
Statuettes with Wounds


10/29/99 - Almost Blue, Asheville, NC
SBD - A- (some hiss, occasionally the guar playing sounds like it switches between Right and Left channels)
This is probably the weakest show of this leg of the tour. Ryan definitely sounds a bit worn out and tired, yawning in between songs, telling a majority of the jokes that fall flat, and his voice is a bit weary tonight. Still it's definitely not a poor show, just not one you'd play for someone just getting into Ryan Adams for the first time. There are a few rarities including "Return of the Grievous Angel", "Statuettes with Wounds", and the last of two known live performance of the song - "The Day I Left Home (It Wasn't…)".

Memories of You - Ryan said he wrote the song with Van Alston at Van's house the night before they left for the tour
In My Time of Need - "recorded this song in upstate New York in Hurley in an old church. we were snowed in…….. i got a call that Johnny Cash was going to record it but he got really sick….. as you can see the song's capped on the 3rd fret. i imagine when he does it, it'll have to be detuned.."
Statuettes with Wounds - "so originally i wrote this for Caitlin's solo album, but it didn't work because it's about me…"
Return of the Grievous Angel
Hey there Mrs. Lovely

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