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Friday, September 21, 2012

Just in Case You Missed Anything.... Vol. 4

- Ryan is producing and playing drums on what could be a new Lemonheads record featuring original members Ben Deily and Juliana Hatfield.

- Ryan is planning to produce an album for Jason Isbell in October! Over the last few months, he's also been recording Liz Phair, Tennis, and several other acts (see previous post)

- Australian country-rock singer songwriter - Krista Polvere recently released a new single which features Ryan Adams on guitar as well as Marc Ford of the Black Crowes. More info can be found at: http://kristapolvere.com

- Juliana Hatfield released a cover of "Do I Wait" from Ashes and Fire on her new album, and it sounds excellent.  (http://www.julianahatfield.com)

- Also if you haven't read the new book - Losering: A Story of Whiskeytown. It's still available through University of Texas Press. Below is an interview with the author - David Menconi.

- Lastly, Ryan Adams was recently at Capital Records. Could a new album be on the horizon? Over the last four months, it seems he has been busy recording some demos with Butch Walker, Paul Cutler, and others..... cross your fingers.

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