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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Shit Returns! Get it before it's gone.....

The third installment of the Ryan Adams side project - The Shit, has returned. Slef Portrait is available on limited edition cassette through Burger Records for $6 and is described by the label as a "shroom induced punk odyssey". Hurry up and get one!

Track Listing for Slef Portrait
1. I'm Going to Kill You
2. You're on Fire
3. Oops You're Dead
4. Milk Carton Face
5. I'm Going to Kill Myself in the Face
6. America, an Interview
7. Dear Officer David Livingston
8. I'm in Prison or Something
9. I Can't Make Records Anymore Because I'm in Prison
10. Man

Get it at:


  1. I bought the tape but don't have a way to convert it to MP3 - anyone know where I can download it?