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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boulder 10/29/12 Set List and Notes

10/29/12 - Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
20 Songs
2 hour free solo show to support the Obama campaign. Lots of positive reviews came in from fans about the performance, the attentive crowd, and some very funny banter but unfortunately no new songs! The set list was pretty standard and similar to the last tour. Mandy Moore came out and sang background vocals on "Oh My Sweet Carolina". Also, Ryan sang his infamous "Mr Cat" improv, and made some funny comments about Star Wars, and tuning his guitar. Supposedly the show was recorded by a couple fans in the audience.
Oh My Sweet Carolina (with Mandy Moore)/Ashes and Fire/If I Am a Stranger/Dirty Rain/My Winding Wheel/Rescue Blues/Please Do Not Let Me Go/Do I Wait/Firecracker/Everybody Knows/Sylvia Plath/Let it Ride/English Girls Approximately/Chains of Love/Houses on the Hill/Mr. Cat Improv/New York New York/Come Pick Me Up
Encore: Black Sheets of Rain (Bob Mould)

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