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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Complete List of Artists who have covered Ryan Adams

Here's a list that I'm sure will be changed, added to, and edited for years to come. I've included every semi-succesful to hugely popular band I could find who has covered Ryan Adams songs either in concert or in the studio. Again, I'm certain there are others that I've left out, so please comment below if you know of any that should be added. Although I am a supporter of local music, I'd prefer to keep this list full of artists who are somewhat well-established, preferably on a label, has albums that you can purchase online, and are not 13 year old kids covering Ryan Adams on youtube (unless it's Justin freakin' Beiber, har har har).

The Almost
Solo project from Aaron Gilespie of the metal group Underoath has performed "To Be Young" in concert on some occasions.

Pop rock band has covered "Dance All Night" in concert.

Joan Baez
Folk legend covered "In My Time of Need" for her 2003 album - Dark Chords on a Big Guitar.

Husband-wife duo from Brooklyn recorded an album called 1989 is Hell. The album reinterprets the songs from Love is Hell in the style of Taylor Swift.

Lou Barlow
Solo Artist and bass player for indie rock heros - Dinosaur Jr. has posted his acoustic cover of "Two" on youtube.

Courtney Barnett 
Indie guitar rocker from Australia has covered "To Be Young" in concert.

Blitzen Trapper
Folk Rock group covered "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)" for the 2014 compilation While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records.

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers 
Soulful roots rock group covered "Oh My Sweet Carolina" for the 2014 compilation While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records.

The Zac Brown Band
A live version of "Oh My Sweet Carolina" appears on the deluxe version of his 2010 album - You Get What You Give. He also is known to occasionally play "Come Pick Me Up" at his shows.

The Cary Brothers featuring Laura Jansen
These indie rock/indie pop songwriters covered "Come Pick Me Up" for a 2012 charity album called Home Recordings Vol. 1.

The Clarks
Long running alternative rock band from Pittsburgh have covered Whiskeytown's "16 Days" in concert.

The Corrs with Bono
Covered "When the Stars Go Blue" for a live album released in 2002 called VH1 Presents: The Corrs Live in Dublin.

Counting Crows
Great rock band who helped me discover Ryan Adams. They have played "Come Pick Me Up", "My Winding Wheel", and "Oh My Sweet Carolina" in concert as stripped down acoustic versions. Lines from "Come Pick Me Up" have also been used during their long jammed out versions of "Round Here". Supposedly the band recorded "My Winding Wheel" for their 2012 album - Underwater Sunshine but it was never released.

The Cowboy Junkies
Alt-country band covered "In My Time of Need" for their 2009 album - Acoustic Junk.

Anthony De Costa
Great americana/folk singer-songwriter who has won several awards for his songwriting has covered "Come Pick Me Up" and "Two" in concert.

Adam Duritz
Lead singer of Counting Crows released his cover of "Oh My Sweet Carolina" for a solo covers album called All My Bloody Valentines.

Kathleen Edwards
Canadian singer-songwriter who regularly covered Whiskeytown's "Houses on the Hill" during her shows in 2010.

Alejandro Escovedo
Alt-country legend who played and sang on several Whiskeytown recordings has covered the song - "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart" in concert multiple times (including with Jesse Malin).

The Fray
Grammy Award winning alternative rock band have  covered "The Shadowlands" in concert.

Jam band formed by Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead in 2009. They primarily play Grateful Dead covers but in 2010, the band started covering "Magnolia Mountain", "Nobody Girl", "Let it Ride", and "Peaceful Valley". The band hasn't released any studio albums but many of their shows are available for download.

Gemma Hayes
Mercury Prize nominated folk singer from Ireland has covered "Come Pick Me Up" in concert.

Juliana Hatfield
Ex-Blake Babies/Lemonheads member covered "Do I Wait" for her 2012 self title album

Andy Hull
Singer-songwriter who plays in the band - Manchester Orchestra has covered "Amy" in concert.

Jason Isbell 
Ex-member of the alt-country group - The Drive By Truckers and an incredible songwriter has toured with Ryan and has covered "Jacksonville Skyline" in concert.

Ivan and Alyosha
Indie-folk group covered "My Winding Wheel" for the 2014 compilation While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records.

Elton John
In 2002, Ryan Adams and Elton John did a performance for a show called CMT Crossroads in which each artist covers the other one's songs. During the show, Elton covered "Firecracker", "Oh My Sweet Carolina", "La Cienega Just Smiled", and "Answering Bell".

Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton
The two of them cover "When the Stars Go Blue" on the TV show - One Tree Hill.

Sebastian Karlsson 
Swedish Idol runner-up covered "This House is Not for Sale" for his debut album titled Sebastian released in 2006.

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Rootsy/Pop singer-songwriter has covered "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "Dear Chicago" live on many occasions.

Blake Lewis 
Singer covered "When the Stars Go Blue" during his performance on American Idol.

Gary Lightbody
The frontman for the group Snow Patrol posted an album of home demos on his website in early 2017. It featured a cover of "To Be Without You".

The Lumineers
According to an issue of Rolling Stone magazine in February, 2013; "Come Pick Me Up" was a staple of the some of the band's early shows.

Laura Marling
Great young British folk singer-songwriter has covered "My Winding Wheel" in concert.

Paul McDonald
American Idol singer who covered "Come Pick me Up" on the show in 2011.

Tim McGraw
Country great Tim McGraw covers "When the Stars Go Blue" on his 2006 - Greatest Hits Volume Two.

Rock band covered the Whiskeytown song - "Choked Up" for their 2001 - Road Movies album.

No Justice
Oklahoma Country Group covered "Shakedown on 9th Street" for their live album - Live at Billy Bob's.

Joan Osborne
Although best known for her single - "One of Us", she's also spent some time as the lead vocalist for Phil and Friends. Phil and Friends regularly cover Ryan Adams songs in concert. However Joan has mentioned recording some of his tunes for her solo albums. None have shown up yet though.

Phil and Friends
One of the most well loved bands of the jam band genre, Phil and Friends features Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. The group has played more Ryan Adams covers live than just about anyone and the list just keeps getting longer. Songs they have covered include "Magnolia Mountain", "The Hardest Part", "Oh My Sweet Carolina", "Let it Ride", "Everything I Do" (Whiskeytown), "What Sin Replaces Love", "Cold Roses", "Bartering Lines", "Easy Plateau", "Houses on the Hill" (Whiskeytown), "If I Am a Stranger", "New York New York", "Nobody Girl", "Peaceful Valley", "The Rescue Blues", "Rosebud", "Shakedown on 9th Street", "Sweet Illusions", and "When the Stars Go Blue".

Band founded by Mac McCaughan of Superchunk covered "Oh My Sweet Carolina" for their rarities compilation in 2008 called Some Small History.

Natalie Prass
Singer-songwriter who toured a lot with Ryan Adams, has been known to cover "My Winding Wheel" in concert.

Dave Rawlings Machine
So technically, Dave Rawlings co-wrote "To Be Young" with Ryan Adams. However his rootsier rendition found on his 2009 solo album - A Friend of a Friend is so great, I had to include it here.

Mark Ronson
Well known producer/electronic/hip hop artist covered "Amy" for his 2007 covers album Versions.

Phil Roy
Singer-songwriter who covered "I See Monsters" for his 2009 album - In the Weird Small Hours.

Katey Sagal
American actress/singer covered "I Love You, But I Don't Know What to Say" for her 2013 album - Covered.

Strand of Oaks
Rootsy Indie Rock band covered "My Wrecking Ball" during a live studio session on WXPN Radio in late 2014.

Indie-rock heroes covered "Come Pick Me Up" for the 2014 compilation While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records.

Frank Turner 
British folk-punk singer-songwriter covered "Oh My Sweet Carolina" in concert.

Keller Williams
Acoustic guitar phenom - Keller Williams, covered "Cold Roses" for his 2010 album - Thief.

Great roots band who has covered "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "A Kiss Before I Go" in concert.

Bellamy Young
Actress best known for her role as Mellie Grant in the tv show Scandal is releasing an album of cover songs in 2015, which includes her rendition of "Oh My Sweet Carolina".

Will Young
British actor/singer-songwriter has covered "Amy" in concert several times.

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  1. I have in my itunes an 'unknown' cover of Oh My Sweet Carolina, the result of some music sharing. It is an acoustic version, sung by two(?) female vocalists. It has a Be Good Tanyas feel to it. The chorus is the same as Adam's but the verses have been reworked. I cannot find any reference, anywhere, to this version, yet it sounds professionally recorded, by professional musicians. Any thoughts, anyone?