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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Complete List of Ryan Adams' Guest Appearances and Production/Songwriting Credits

This list includes all known guest appearances made by Ryan Adams on other bands'/artists' releases. It includes production credits, songwriting credits, as well as guest appearances where he provided extra vocals, guitar, piano/keyboard, bass accompaniment etc. Also there are a few albums where I have crossed out the title. This is because at one point or another, a news article or interview mentioned Ryan's involvement in a project prior to release. Then when the album finally did drop, Ryan's name was nowhere in the credits. It's always possible that his name was left out, but who knows? Also if you scroll to the very bottom, I've included some tentative albums that may or may not be coming out in the next 1-2 years. Hopefully this will help some fans out, and as always let me know if you see something that I need to add.


Neko Case and Her Boyfriends - Furnace Room Lullaby (2/22/00)
Ryan co-wrote the song "Twist the Knife" with Neko Case, Mike Daley, and John Ramberg.

Caitlin Cary - Waltzie (8/1/00)
Ryan plays harmonica, synthesizer, and provides vocal harmonies on several songs.


Alejandro Escovedo - A Man Under the Influence (4/24/01)
Ryan sings background vocals on "As I Fall" and harmony vocals on "Don't Need You"

Lucinda Williams - Essence (6/5/01)
Ryan plays tremelo guitar on the title track.

Stateside - Twice as Gone (7/20/01)
Ryan sings background vocals on "Little Black Dress" and the title track.

Bellvue - To Be Somebody (8/21/01)
Ryan sings harmony vocals on "Basement Home"

Ida Kristen - Stumble
Ryan sings background vocals on "Love is How We Stay Alive"


Caitlin Cary - While You Weren't Looking (3/26/02)
Ryan co-wrote the song "Please Don't Hurry Your Heart" with Cary and Mike Daly; and "I Ain't Found Nobody Yet" with Cary, Mike Daly, and Chris Stamey. Also early versions of the album came with a 4 song bonus disc which included a Cary/Adams duet of the Whiskeytown song - "The Battle"

Counting Crows - Hard Candy (7/9/02)
Ryan co-wrote the song "Butterfly in Reverse" alongside Adam Duritz and Charlie Gillingham. Ryan also provides backing vocals on the song.

Beth Orton - Daybreaker (7/30/02)
Ryan wrote the song "This One's Gonna Bruise" for this album and plays acoustic guitar on the track. "Concrete Sky" features Ryan on background vocals, electric guitars, and piano. "Carmella" features Ryan on background vocals, piano, bass, and reprise guitar. "God Song" features Ryan on slide guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar.

Willie Nelson's Stars and Guitars (11/5/02)
This live concert recording features Ryan Adams singing lead vocals on Jimmy Cliff's "The Harder they Come". He also sings alongside Keith Richards, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams III on a version of the Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers".


Jesse Malin - The Fine Art of Self Destruction (1/28/03)
Ryan mixed and produced this album and also plays electric guitars, background vocals, and keyboards on the album.


Toots and the Maytals - True Love (4/6/04)
"Time Tough" features Ryan Adams as a guest vocalist.

Chris Stamey - Travels in the South (6/22/04)
Ryan plays guitar and sings background vocals on "The Sound You Hear".

Jesse Malin - The Heat (6/29/04)
Ryan plays electric guitar, synthesizer, and background vocals on several songs.


The Volebeats - Like Her (7/12/05)
Ryan co-wrote the song "Everytime" with Jeff Oakes and Matthew Smith.

Jaimie Cullum - Twentysomething (9/26/05)
Supposedly Ryan helped co-write several songs for this album but none were ever released.

Chris Stills (11/7/05)
Ryan co-wrote a song on the album with Stills called "For You"


Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire (10/3/06)
Prior to the release of this album, there were several interviews and articles mentioning that Sean Lennon had co-written a ton of new material with Ryan and Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes). This album was also supposed to feature guest appearances from Ryan Adams, Thurston Moore, Ben Lee, and Yoko Ono; but none of them are listed in any of the credits. I haven't heard this album yet, but I guess it's possible Ryan plays on this but is just not credited?? (Does anyone have any more info on this?)

Willie Nelson - Songbird (10/31/06)
Ryan produced this album and wrote a song called "Blue Hotel" (later released on the Follow the Lights EP) and a new arrangement of "Amazing Grace". He also plays guitars and bass, alongside the Cardinals (Jon Graboff, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal, and Catherine Popper).

From Mojo Magazine Interview with Ryan Adams:
  • Q: What did you get from producing and playing with Willie Nelson? 
  • A: It was really hard. i think part of it was the label's odea ad some of it was the manager's idea - we were kind of pushed together....... Neal was new to us. Chris was in sometimes and sometimes Catherine Popper (aka: Cat)....." 
  • Q: You disowned the album? 
  • A: Im still credited as the producer but i dont feel like i was. My mixes were really dense and very different. I asked someone else to listen to it for me and asked if it refelected my initial rough mixes and the consensus was yes, but then when i heard it my heart was pretty destroyed because it didnt sound anything like the record id made. The crazy guitar stuff had mellowed. His voice had an echoplex built specifically for him because i thought his voice would sound really good if it sounded like Charlie Feathers or that really old rockabilly Elvis style thats almost vibrato, but that got stripped. The record got universally poanned. I agree. i dont like it eaither. But it was cool, the guys are proud of it and thats all that matters. It wasnt like a tragedy.....


America - Here and Now (1/16/07)
Ryan sings and plays guitar on a song called "Ride On".

The Endrick Brothers - Attraction vs. Love (2/12/07)
Ryan co-wrote a song called "Thorns on Every Rose" for the album and plays bass on the track.

Jesse Malin - Glitter in the Gutter (3/20/07)
Ryan plays electric guitar on "In the Modern World", "Broken Radio" and "Little Star". He also provides background vocals, piano, electric guitar, keyboards, and organ on "Aftermath".

Neal Casal - All Directions (7/12/07)
"Freeway to the Canyon" and "You Don't See Me Crying" feature Ryan Adams and the Cardinals backing Neal Casal.

Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited (10/8/07)
Live album features Ryan singing lead vocals on "200 More Miles", and backing vocals and guitar on several other songs.

Counting Crows - Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings (3/24/08)
Ryan co-wrote a song called "Los Angeles" alongside Adam Duritz and Dave Gibbs.

Joshua Radin - Unclear Sky (8/18/08)
Ryan plays guitar on a song called "Lovely Tonight"

Leona Naess - Thirteens (9/16/08)
One of the iTunes bonus tracks on the album called "Leave Your Boyfriend Behind" features Ryan on background vocals.

Minnie Driver - Seastories (12/5/08)
Ryan Adams plays guitar on "Beloved". The rest of the Cardinals (Graboff/Feinstein/Pemberton/Casal) perform on several other songs as well.


Norah Jones - The Fall (11/7/09)
Ryan co-wrote the song - "Light as a Feather" with Norah Jones


Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Club - Love it to Life (4/27/10)
Ryan plays lead guitar, bass, background vocals and piano on "Disco Ghetto" and "The Archer"

Weezer - Hurley (9/10/10)
Ryan co-wrote a song for the album with Rivers Cuomo called "Run Away"

Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs - God Willin' and The Creek Don't Rise (8/17/10)
According to an article in Paste magazine, Ryan Adams helped with some of the songwriting for this album. However nothing is credited on the album to him, so I'm assuming none of his tunes made it.??


Ethan John - If Not Now, Then When? (11/5/12)
Ryan Adams sings background vocals on the song - "Whip-Poor-Will", and produced, plays drums and bass on the song - "Don't Reach too Far".


Krista Polvere - Reservoir Drive (6/2/13)
Ryan plays guitar and sings on the album's first single - "Lookin for Love"

The Court Yard Hounds - Sunshine (6/7/13)
Ryan Adams co-wrote and produced the song - "Are You Man Enough?"

Fall Out Boy - Pax Am Days (10/15/13)
Ryan Adams produced this 8 song EP over the course of two nights at Pax-Am Studios.

Jose Gonzalez - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack (12/17/13)
Ryan Adams co-wrote the song - "Stay Alive", which Jose covers for the soundtrack.


Benmont Tench - You Should Be So Lucky (2/18/14)
Ryan Adams plays guitar and provides background vocals on some songs.

Ethan Johns - The Reckoning (6/2/14)
Ryan Adams produced this album over the course of a couple days in August of 2013. The album was recorded at Pax-Am Studios.

Jenny Lewis - The Voyager (7/29/14)
Ryan Adams co-produced 7 of the songs on this album at Pax-Am Studios in August of 2013. Ryan also plays lead guitar throughout the album.

Jenny Lewis - Pax-Am Sessions (11/28/14)
Ryan Adams co-produced and plays some guitar on this 7" single.


Butch Walker - Afraid of Ghosts (2/3/15)
Ryan Adams produced this album at Pax-Am Studios, and co-wrote 2 songs ("Father's Day" and "The Dark"). He also played drums on the song - "Bed on Fire". Members of the Shining also play throughout the record.

Danny Collins (Film) (3/20/15)
Ryan Adams was involved with writing 2 of the songs in this film. The first of which is a song called "Mary" which he wrote and performed by himself, and can be heard playing in the background during the opening scene. The other is a song called "Don't Look Down" which he co-wrote with Don Was, and is featured prominently throughout the film. Unfortunately there are no plans for a soundtrack release, so the only way to hear them is to see the movie.

Phoebe Bridgers - Killer (4/28/15)
Ryan Adams produced this 7" single at Pax-Am Studio.

Mike Viola - Stairway to Paradise (4/28/15)
Ryan Adams produced and recorded this 7" EP at Pax-Am Studio.

Chris Stamey - Euphoria (6/2/15)
Ryan Adams wrote the song "Universe-sized Arms" for the album.


La Sera - Music for Listening to Music to (3/4/16)
Ryan Adams produced this album at Pax-Am Studio in April of 2015. Todd Wisenbaker, the guitarist for the band also played on Ryan's 1989 cover album.

Butch Walker - Stay Gold (8/26/16)
Ryan Adams was originally slated to produce this album but was too busy to work it out. In the end he played guitar and piano on some of the songs. Butch Walker called him the "co-conceptualizer of the whole record".

On the Horizon....

Ruby Amanfu
Super talented soulful/country pop singer finished a new album at Pax-Am Studio in early February of 2016. The new album was produced by Ryan Adams features appearances by Daniel Clarke and Charlie Stavish of the Shining, Don Was, and Benmont Tench! Ryan also co-wrote some songs with Ruby ("Everything" and "I Am the Fire").

D Generation
New double album was produced by Ryan Adams alongside Jamie Candiloro in October, 2012. No word yet on a release date

The Lemonheads
Ryan produced and played drums on several new songs featuring the band's original lineup in September, 2012. 

Ryan was in the studio with the band recording. It's unclear whether or not he is producing songs for a new album.

Mandy Moore
Mandy has mentioned in some interviews that she plans to work with her husband on her upcoming album. In July of 2014, she mentioned that they had written some songs together and she had plans to go in the studio to record by the end of the summer, 2014. She also did some recording at Pax-Am in January of 2015.

Liz Phair
Ryan was in the Pax-Am Recording Studio producing a new album in May, 2013. Mike Viola of the Candy Butchers was also involved with the album. Then in January of 2017, Liz was back at Pax-Am again working on a new double album featuring Ryan on guitar, Don Was on bass, and Nate Lotz on drums. Ryan mentioned that he was producing the album and that it was a throwback to her classic album - Exile in Guyville.

Olin and the Moon
Ryan has produced several sessions with this excellent up and coming country band. To donate to their kickstarter page and help fund their new record go HERE 

Johnny Depp 
In the April 2014 issue of Interview magazine, Depp mentions that he had recently been writing and recordings songs with Ryan.

Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis was back at Pax-Am studio from 9/28 through 9/30/16 recording some new solo tracks with Ryan Adams, Charlie Stavish, and Nate Lotz. She also did a couple dates of recording in October and a few more sessions in November 2016 as well. In late March of 2017, she did some recording at Capital Studios with Don Was, Ryan Adams, Jim Keltner, Benmont Tench, Todd Wisenbaker, and more.

James Gadson
Ryan recorded some tracks for this legendary session drummer. It's unclear if it was for Gadson's own album or if he was playing drums for someone elses'.

Ryan produced some recordings for this up and coming hard rock band from Los Angeles in October/November of 2016.

Taylor Swift
It's unclear how he's involved but according to an article from June of 2017, Ryan is helping her out with the next album which is expected in the fall of 2017.

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