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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Complete List of Ryan Adams Non-Album Tracks

The following list includes all known officially released songs credited to Ryan Adams that are not available on his solo albums. It includes bonus tracks from import releases, b-sides, compilation/soundtrack/EP/tribute album songs, digital singles, 7" vinyl releases, streaming songs from Ryan's website and Soundcloud page and so on and so on. Many of the songs are demos, live versions, and alternate renditions. Prior to Cardinology, Ryan released hundreds of videos of him performing early demo versions of songs. Also around the release date of Ashes and Fire, there were a bunch of live videos posted of him performing in the studio. I decided to leave all of these off for now. Also I've left off his work with Whiskeytown or songs credited to his various side projects and pseudonyms (DJ Reggie, Warren Peace, The Shit, Sad Dracula, Werewolph and so on). However I have included all of his recordings with the Cardinals. Anyway I hope this helps all of the completists out there. This list should include everything, but Please Please Please let me know if there's anything I'm leaving out!

1. Poor Southern Girl
(Here: A Fort Hazel Magic Compilation - 1998)
2. Monday Night 
(Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records Compilation - 6/20/00)

3. Rosalie Come and Go 
4. The Fools we are as Men
5. Sweet Black Magic
6. The Bar is a Beautiful Place
7. Cannonball Days 
(Gold Bonus Disc - 9/25/01)
8. Lovesick Blues (Hank Williams)
(Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute Compilation - 9/25/01)
9. To Be Young (live)
(KGSR Broadcasts Volume 9 - 11/23/01)
10. Mara Lisa 
11. From Me to You 
(New York New York B-Side - 11/26/01)
12. Brown Sugar (Jagger/Richards)
(Uncut Magazine: Gimme Shelter Vol. 1 - 12/01)
13. New York New York (live)
(KBCO Studio C Volume 13 Compilation)

14. Touch, Feel, and Lose (Live in Amsterdam)
15. Answering Bell (Live in Amsterdam)
16. New York New York (Live in Amsterdam)
17. To Be Young (Live in Amsterdam)
(Answering Bell Single B-Sides)
18. In My Time of Need (alternate version) 
(The Rookie soundtrack- 3/26/02)
19. Blue 
20. Song for Keith 
(Nuclear Single B-Side - 9/16/02)
21. Nervous Breakdown (Live/Black Flag cover)
(Rise Above: 25 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis 3 Compilation - 10/8/02)
22. The Harder they Come (live - Jimmy Cliff cover) 
23. Dead Flowers (Jagger/Richards - live with Keith Richards and Hank Williams III)
(Willie Nelson's Stars and Guitars Live Album - 11/5/02)
24. To Be Young (alternate version)
25. Goodbye Honey 
(We're Making Singles and Drinkin' Doubles compilation - 12/10/02)
26. New York New York (live) 
(Live at the World Cafe Volume 14 compilation)
Answering Bell (live)

(KFOG Live from the Archives Volume 9 compilation - 2002)

27. Hypnotixed 
(Rock N Roll Import - Bonus Track - 11/4/03)
28. Caterwaul
29. Halloween
(Love is Hell Part 1 EP Bonus Tracks - 11/4/03)
30. Fuck the Universe
31. Twice as Bad as Love
(Love is Hell Part 2 EP Bonus Tracks - 12/9/03)
32. Hey Parker, It's Christmas
33. Don't Even Know Her Name 
(Hey Parker It's Christmas Promo 7" - 12/03)

34. Ah, Life
35. I'm Coming Over
36. Liar 
37. Luxury
(So Alive B-sides - 1/19/04)
38. California 
39. Waves Crashing
40. Secret Powers
41. Do You Wanna get High?
(California 7" EP - Pax-Am 001 - 1/04)
42. The Rescue Blues
43. Come Pick Me Up 
44. Enemy Blanks
45. Tell Me How You Want Me
(The Rescue Blues 7" EP - Pax-Am 003 - 1/04)
46. Time Tough (Toots and the Maytals song performed with Toots and the Maytals)
(Toots and the Maytals' True Love Album - 4/6/04)
47. This is It (acoustic version) 
48. Closer When She Goes 
49. Red Lights 
(This is It EP - 5/24/04)
50. One By One 
51. I Wanna Go Home
52. Suspicion
(Wonderwall B-Sides - 6/28/04)
53. Funeral Marching
(Halloween Promo CD Single - 7/04)
54. Now that You're Gone (acoustic version) 
55. If I'm a Stranger (acoustic version)
(7" Single - Pax-Am 002 - 11/04)
56. New York New York (live at Park West)
(ONXRT: Live from the Archives Volume 7 Compilation - 11/23/04)

57. Tonight 
58. Operator Operator 
59. So Hot, So Cold
(Cold Roses Bonus Track - 5/3/05)
60. Oh My Sweet Carolina (live) 
61. The Fools We Are as Men (live) 
(The Bridge School Concerts Volume 1 - 5/17/05)
62. I Will Learn to Love 
(Easy Plateau B-Side - 6/27/05)
63. What Sin Replaces Love (Acoustic Version) 
(Jacksonville City Nights Early Promo - 9/05)
64. What Sin Replaces Love (Electric Demo) 
65. A Kiss Before I Go (Demo Version)
66. Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson cover)
67. Jeane 
68. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash cover)
69. September (Alternate version) 
(Jacksonville City Nights Bonus Tracks - 9/26/05)
70. Words 
(Elizabethtown: Music from the Motion Picture Volume 2 - soundtrack - 2/7/06)

71. My Father's Son 
72. Gimme Sunshine 
73. Black Clouds
(Love is Hell Japanese Import Bonus Disc - 6/27/07)
74. Nobody Listens to Silence 
75. Alice
76. What Sin Replaces Love (live from the Henry Rollins Show) 
(Easy Tiger - Bonus Tracks - 7/27/07)
Two (live)
(KINK Live 11 compilation - 9/30/08)
77. 200 More Miles (Cowboy Junkies cover)
(The Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Revisited Album - 10/8/07)
78. Follow the Lights
79. My Love for You is Real
80. Blue Hotel
81. Down in a Hole (Alice in Chains cover)
82. This is It (Cardinals version)
83. If I Am a Stranger (Live Studio Recording)
84. Dear John (Live Studio Recording)
(Follow the Lights EP - 10/23/07)
85. Two (live) 
(KGSR Broadcasts Volume 15 compilation - 11/07)
86. Two (live)
(KBCO Studio C: Volume 19 Compilation - 12/07)
A Song in the News
(Esopus Magazine #10 CD - Spring 2008)
87. Memory Lane 
88. The Color of Pain
(Cardinology Bonus Tracks - 10/28/08)
89. Heavy Orange
90. Asteroid 
(Cardinology Bonus 7" - 10/28/08)

91. Hey There Mrs. Lovely 
(Extra Cheese iTunes EP - 2/10/09)
92. Like a Fool (Superchunk cover)
(Score: 20 Years of Merge Records - Compilation - 4/7/09)
93. Lost and Found 
94. Go Ahead and Rain 
(Pax-Am Digital Download Single No. 1 - 9/11/09)
95. Sink Ships (Home Demo) 
96. Go Easy (Home Demo) 
(Pax-Am Digital Download Single No. 1 Bonus Track - 9/11/09)
97. Alumette
98. What Color is Rain 
(Pax-Am Digital Download Single No. 2 - 9/18/09)
99. Tomorrowland (Pax-Am Digital Download Single)
100. Disco Queen (Pax-Am Digital Download Single)
(Pax-Am Digital Download Single No. 3 - 9/25/09)
101. Let Us Down Easy (Home Demo)
(Free Download when signing up to Ryan Adams' blog - 9/09)
102. Oblivion  
103. People Need Sunlight
(Pax-Am 005 7" Single - 10/31/09)
104. Fix It (live) 
(KGSR Broadcasts Volume 17 Compilation - 11/09)
105. Thank You 
106. Evergreen (Home Demo)
(Pax-Am 004 7" Single - 12/1/09)
107. Fix It (Home Demo) 
(Free Download with pre-order of Hello Sunshine - 12/1/09)
Magick (live)
(DaveFM: Circle of Friends Live: Volume 2 Compilation - 2009)

108. Valhalla 
109. Crossing Foggy Mountains 
(Pax-Am 007 7" Single - 5/25/10)
110. The Blue Canoe 
111. Darkness 
112. Destroyers 
(Offered as a Free Download on Ryan's website - 11/10)
113. So Lost (NYC Demo) 
114. So Lost (NYC Schick Sessions) 
(Offered as free Download for Pax-Am Email Subscribers - 12/10)
115. Cemetary Hill 
116. Breakdown in the Resolve (Demo)
117. Death and Rats (Demo)
118. Happy Birthday (Demo)
119. Icebreaker (Demo)
120. Kill the Lights (Demo)
121. Kisses Start Wars (Demo)
122. My Reflection (Demo)
123. No (Demo)
124. Numbers (Demo)
125. Users (Demo)
126. Natural Ghost (Demo)
(III/IV Bonus Tracks - 12/14/10)
127. Go Easy (Live)
(KUT Live Volume 8 Compilation)

128. Go Ahead and Rain 
129. Invisible Red 
130. Your Name is on Fire 
131. Future Sparrow 
(Class Mythology EP - Pax-Am 009 - 4/16/11)
132. Empty Room 
133. Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover) 
(Pax-Am 010 - 7" Single - 6/11)
134. Shine Through the Dark 
(Live from Nowhere Near You Volume 2 Compilation - 7/19/11)
135. Invisible Riverside (in-studio acoustic version) 
(streaming on Ryan's Soundcloud page - 9/11)
136. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
137. Come Home (in studio acoustic version)
138. Rocks (in studio acoustic version)
139. Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover - solo acoustic version)
(Ashes and Fire bonus tracks streamed on website - 10/11)
140. Star Sign 
141. Til I Found You
(Ashes and Fire Bonus Tracks on iTunes - 10/11/11)
142. Petal in a Rainstorm 
(Bonus Flexidisc Single that came with pre-orders of Ashes and Fire - 10/11/11)
143. Dirty Rain (in studio acoustic version)
144. I Love But I Dont Know What to Say (in studio acoustic version)
(Ashes and Fire bonus tracks released on Spotify for purchase - 10/11/11)
145. Star Sign (Demo) 
146. Come Home (Demo) 
(Pax-Am 012 - 7" Single - 10/11)
147. Do I Wait (early NYC version)
(Pax-Am 013 - Record Store Day 7" Single - 11/25/11)
Lucky Now (in-studio acoustic version)
(KBCO Studio C: Volume 28 Compilation - 12/11)

148. Ashes and Fire (live)
(Live at the World Cafe Volume 33 Compilation 2/12)
149. Heartbreak a Stranger (Live - Bob Mould cover)
150. Black Sheets of Rain (Live - Bob Mould cover)
(Pax-Am 030 - Record Store Day 7" Single - 4/21/12)
151. Dirty Rain (live)
152. Oh My Sweet Carolina (live)
153. Lucky Now (live)
154. Houses on the Hill (live)
155. Black Sheets of Rain (live Bob Mould cover)
156. Chains of Love (live)
157. Ashes and Fire (live)
158. My Winding Wheel (live)
(iTunes Session Digital EP - 4/24/12)
159. Blue Hotel (Live in Amsterdam)
160. If I Am a Stranger (Live in Amsterdam)
161. Invisible Riverside (Live in Brighton)
162. Sylvia Plath (Live in Brighton)
163. Two (Live in Brighton)
164. Everybody Knows (Live in Copenhagen)
165. Let it Ride (Live in Copenhagen)
166. If I Am a Stranger (Live in Copenhagen)
167. Dancing with the Women at the Bar (Live in Copenhagen)
168. 16 Days (Live in Copenhagen)
169. Sylvia Plath (Live in Cork)
170. Let it Ride (Live in Cork)
171. Damn Sam (Live in Cork)
172. Everybody Knows (Live in Cork)
173. Let it Ride (Live in Dublin)
174. Withering Heights (Live in Dublin)
175. Two (Live in Dublin)
176. Sylvia Plath (Live in Dublin)
177. Firecracker (Live in Dublin)
178. If I Am a Stranger (Live in Dublin)
179. Dirty Rain (Live in Dublin)
180. Desire (Live in Dublin)
181. Bartering Lines (Live in Dublin)
182. Why Do They Leave (Live in Glasgow)
183. Carolina Rain (Live in Glasgow)
184. Dear Chicago (Live in Glasgow)
185. Everybody Knows (Live in Glasgow)
186. New York, New York (Live in Glasgow)
187. Blue Hotel (Live in Glasgow)
188. 16 Days (Live in Lisbon)
189. Come Home (Live in Lisbon)
190. Desire (Live in Lisbon)
191. Do I Wait (Live in Lisbon)
192. Everybody Knows (Live in Lisbon)
193. New York, New York (Live in Lisbon)
194. Please Do Not Let Me Go (Live in Lisbon)
195. Desire (Live in London Night 1)
196. Dirty Rain (Live in London Night 1)
197. Houses on the Hill (Live in London Night 1)
198. Invisible Riverside (Live in London Night 1)
199. New York, New York (Live in London Night 1)
200. Sylvia Plath (Live in London Night 1)
201. 16 Days (Live in London Night 2)
202. Firecracker (Live in London Night 2)
203. If I Am a Stranger (Live in London Night 2)
204. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live in London Night 2)
205. Two (Live in London Night 2)
206. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live in Malmo)
207. Don't Fail Me Now (Live in Malmo)
208. Dirty Rain (Live in Manchester)
209. English Girls Approximately (Live in Manchester)
210. Firecracker (Live in Manchester)
211. If I Am a Stranger (Live in Manchester)
212. Two (Live in Manchester)
213. Blue Hotel (Live in Oslo)
214. Come Pick Me Up (Live in Oslo)
215. Please Do Not Let Me Go (Live in Oslo)
216. This House is Not for Sale (Live in Oslo)
217. Two (Live in Oslo)
218. Blue Hotel (Live in Oxford)
219. New York, New York (Live in Oxford)
220. Please Do Not Let Me Go (Live in Oxford)
221. To Be Young (Live in Oxford)
222. Two (Live in Oxford)
223. If I Am a Stranger (Live in Porto)
224. Please Do Not Let Me Go (Live in Porto)
225. New York, New York (Live in Porto)
226. Everybody Knows (Live in Porto)
227. Blue Hotel (Live in Porto)
228. Blue Hotel (Live in Stockholm)
229. Damn Sam (Live in Stockholm)
230. Desire (Live in Stockholm)
231. Everybody Knows (Live in Stockholm)
232. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live in Stockholm)
(Live After Deaf Bonus Tracks - 6/15/12)
233. Dynasty of Troll Loch Ming 
(The Kitty Comp - 7/12)
Lucky Now (live)
(FUV Live 15 Compilation - 9/12)
Times Like These (Foo Fighters cover/live)
(Dermot O'LearyPresents the Saturday Sessions 2011 - 11/15/11)
234. Everybody Knows (live)
235. KGSR Rainy Day Talkin' Blues (live)
(KGSR Broadcasts Volume 20 - Compilation - 11/23/12)
236. Shinin' Through the Dark (live)
237. Lucky Now (live)
(This is 40 Soundtrack - 12/11/12)
Everybody Knows (Live)
(Live from the Mountain Music Lounge Volume 18 compilation - 2012)

238. Wasted Years
(Californication Season 6 Soundtrack - 1/15)
239. When Pigs Fly
(Susan Boynton's Frog Trouble - 9/3)

240. Aching for More
(Pax-Am 034 - Gimme Something Good 7" Single - 7/1/14)
241. When the Summer Ends
242. What If You Were Wrong
243. Over and Over
244. Change Your Mind
245. Broken Eyes
246. Why Did They Leave You Alone
247. Rats in the Wall
248. Bones and Ash
249. Wolves
250. Push it Away
251. Look in the Mirror
(Pax-Am 035 - 1984 7" EP - 8/19/14)
252. Jacksonville
253. Keep Running
254. Walkedypants
(Pax-Am 040 - Jacksonville 7" Single - 9/16/14)
255. Vampires
256. Magic Flag
257. Clown Asylum
258. Suburbia
(Pax-Am 041 - Vampires 7" EP - 10/28/14)
259. Do You Laugh When You Lie?
260. By the Way
261. I'm in Love With You
(Pax-Am 042 - Do You Laugh When You Lie? 7" Single - 12/9/14)

262. No Shadow
263. It's in My Head
264. Stoned Alone
(Pax-Am 043 - No Shadow 7" Single - 1/13/15)
265. Blue Light
266. On My Life
267. I Lost My Fucking Mind
(Pax-Am 044 - Blue Light 7" Single - 3/31/15)
268. Come Pick Me Up (alternate take)
269. When the Rope Gets Tight
(Pax-Am 051 - Come Pick Me Up 7" Single - 4/18/15)
270. I Do Not Feel Like Being Good
271. How Much Light
272. In the Dark
(Pax-Am 045 - I Do Not Feel Like Being Good 7" Single - 4/28/15)
273. Burn in the Night
274. Cop City
275. Look in the Mirror
(Pax-Am 046 - Burn in the Night 7" Single - 6/23/15)
276. Willow Lane
277. Yes or Run
278. Red Hot Blues
(Pax-Am 047 - Willow Lane 7" Single - 8/21/15)
Let it Ride (live)
(WXPN: Free at Noon, Ten Years of Live Lunches at World Cafe Live compilation - 2015)

279. Hairdresser on Fire Jam (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
280. To Be Young (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
281. Petal in a Rainstorm (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
282. War Horse (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
283. Oh My Sweet Carolina (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
284. Punk Jam (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
285. When the Rope Gets Tight (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
286. In My Time of Need (Heartbreaker Session Outtake)
287. Bartering Lines (Pre-Album Demo)
288. To Be the One (Pre-Album Demo)
289. Don't Ask for the Water (Pre-Album Demo)
290. In My Time of Need (Pre-Album Demo)
291. Goodbye Honey (Pre-Album Demo)
292. Petal in a Rainstorm (Pre-Album Demo)
293. War Horse (Pre-Album Demo)
294. Locked Away (Pre-Album Demo)
(Pax-Am 056 - Heartbreaker Deluxe Reissue - 5/6/16)

295. To Be Without You (live - Prairie Home Companion)
(available as a free download with pre-sale concert tickets - 2/24/17)
296. Where Will You Run? (b-side to "Do You Still Love Me" 7")
297. Juli (b-side to "Prisoner" 7")
298. Are You Home? (b-side to "Prisoner" 7")
299. No Words (b-side of "Doomsday" 7")
300. Halo (b-side of "Doomsday" 7")
301. It Will Never Be the Same (b-side of "Haunted House" 7")
302. What if I Were Wrong? (b-side of "Shiver and Shake" 7")
303. Broken Things (b-side of "To Be Without You" 7")
304. Stop You (b-side of "Anything I Say To You Now" 7")
305. Hanging on to Hope (b-side of "Anything I Say To You Now" 7")
306. Let it Burn (b-side of "Breakdown" 7")
307. Crazy Now (b-side of "Outbound Train" 7")
308. You Said (b-side of "Outbound Train" 7")
309. Please Help Me (b-side of "Broken Anyway" 7")
310. Too Tired to Cry (b-side of "Tightrope" 7")
311. Stop Talking (b-side of "We Disappear" 7")
312. The Empty Bed (b-side of "We Disappear" 7")
313. Lookout (bonus 7")
314. The Cold (bonus 7")
(Pax-Am 058 - Prisoner End of World Edition Box Set - 4/20/17)

Do You Still Love Me?
Haunted House
Shiver and Shake
To Be Without You
Anything I Say to You Now
Outbound Train
Broken Anyway
We Disappear
What if I Were Wrong?

Prisoner (solo acoustic)
Haunted House (solo acoustic)
(Spotify Singles Release - 4/12/17)


  1. You have "Touch Feel & Lose" and "To Be Young" as the live "Answering Bell" b-sides... but it's really "Touch Feel" and "Answering Bell." No? Also, you don't list the live "NY NY" and"To Be Young" from the "Demolition Bonus Disc."

    1. Replying to myself.. Answering Bell single #1 had "Touch Feel" and "Answering Bell." Single #2 had "NY NY" and "To Be Young," which are also on Demolition bonus disc.

    2. Thank you for catching that! I totally missed that, but have gone ahead and updated the list.

  2. Me again. Do we know if "Touch, Feel, & Lose (live)" from the "Answering Bell" single even exists? I've seen it on discogs.com, but I can't find anyone who has it. And I know people with two different "AB" singles and they still lack that track.

  3. Yeah that's the one that I have. Still in the shrinkwrap from when I bought it at a Tower Records, has a "Made in Holland" sticker on it.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation!

  5. Thanx for this huge list!

    By accident I Found some missing song from 2008: Leave Your Boyfriends Behind on a B-side of a single of Leona Naess and on an iTunes download : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirteens_%28album%29

    iTunes Store edition
    No. Title Writer(s) Length
    12. "Leave Your Boyfriends Behind" (feat. Ryan Adams) Dixon, Naess 3:47

    1. Thanks for sending this one over, I've added it to the guest appearances list

  6. You have "Liar" as a "So Alive" b-side, but it's not listed on any versions of the single on discogs.com. Where was it officially released? And this
    is the short version right?

    1. "Liar" wasn't released as a b-side to "So Alive". The 6 1/2 minute version was originally streamed on RA's website back when RNR first came out. It was also released on the 10" 'This Is It' EP that only a few people have. (I've only ever seen 1 person with the pictures to prove it.) Seems the 10"s distribution was halted due to the fact that RA couldn't promote it, seeing as he'd literally just broken his wrist from falling off stage. I will always be looking for that 10". "Liar" is my favorite song from the RNR sessions and I've only had this shitty rip from his webpage since 2003.

  7. Since the Live After Deaf vinyl box set is no longer in print, and the prices on kind of inconceivably high on places like eBay and discogs, how can one get the bonus tracks that only came with the vinyl set?

  8. Is the version of "200 Miles" a live track or studio version? Didn't even know about it until visiting this great site. Any insight would help as I'm desperately trying to track it down. Thanks!

  9. Here's a few tracks that should probably be added:
    --A Song in the News (was included on the cd released with Esopus Magazine #10)
    --Lucky Now (Live) (from KBCO Studio C Vol. 23)
    --Lucky Now (Live) (from FUV Live 15)
    --Times Like These (from Dermot O'Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions 2011)
    --Magick (Live) (from DaveFM Circle of Friends Live Vol. 2)
    --Two (Live) (from Kink Live 21--this was sold online and at Starbucks in 2008)
    --Everybody Knows (Live) (from Live From the Mountain Music Lounge Vol. 18)
    --Let It Ride (Live) (from WXPN: Free At Noon, Ten Years of Live Lunches at World Cafe Live)
    --Answering Bell (Live) (from KFOG Live From the Archives 10th Anniversary CD)
    --Answering Bell (Live) (from KFOG Live From the Archives Vol. 9...this may be the same recording as above)

  10. There's this unreleased song called "Fool's Gold" somewhere on YouTube. Not sure if it's a cover but it's a great song.

    1. Not a cover. Recorded during the Gold sessions but it was never officially released in any manner. Still, obviously, it made its way into our hands thankfully. That's a killer track.

  11. "Back In Your Head" from Tegan and Sara - The Con X: Covers released in 2017.