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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cowboy Technical Service Sessions

1. Ghost
2. My Love for You is Real
3. Liar (Ryan Adams/Eric Ambel)

Ryan Adams and Eric "Roscoe" Ambel played all instruments except for piano which was played by Robert Becker.

Recorded at Cowboy Technical Services, New York, NY (Spring 2001)

The Background

Ryan Adams recorded these three songs at Eric Ambel's Studio during the spring of 2001. Ambel, (better known as "Roscoe") also plays lead guitar for Steve Earle's band - The Dukes, and had produced a wide range of great punk and alt-country bands over the years. The songs on The Cowboy Technical Services Sessions were professionally recorded to 2" tape and the quality is top notch! 

"Ghost" is an excellent acoustic country rock tune that is a favorite among many fans; yet surprisingly has never been played live or officially released. While "My Love for You is Real" is a gorgeous track that is more stripped down and shorter than the later version recorded with the Cardinals (but equally as great). The Adams/Ambel co-write - "Liar" is the most surprising of the three tracks. At almost seven minutes long, the song is a loud aggressive, driving rocker that even contains a strange piano coda. These tracks showcase Ryan's folk, country, and punk sides perfectly; and overall this is a must own!


Key Tracks: "Ghost", and "My Love for You is Real"

Song Info

"My Love for You is Real" was later re-recorded with The Cardinals and released on the EP - Follow the Lights.

"Liar" has yet to be officially released but was later re-recorded for Rock n Roll and made available for streaming on Ryan's website.

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