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Monday, April 1, 2013

Is This It

1. Is This It
2. The Modern Age
3. Soma
4. Barely Legal
5. Someday
6. Alone, Together
7. Last Nite
8. Hard to Explain
9. When it Started
10. Trying Your Luck
11. Take it or Leave It

The Background
According to Ryan Adams, this won't ever be released. But it definitely sparked a lot of interest when the news broke that he had recorded his own take of the Strokes hit album - Is this It?. While recovering from surgery due to a tooth abscess, Ryan learned how to play the entire album on guitar. Later he recorded the whole thing with banjo, mandolin, and guitar on to a 4-track recorder in the Spring of 2002. "Last Nite" has randomly been played by Ryan at number of concerts between 2002-2004, usually as a solo acoustic folk song. He also played "The Modern Age" once (also as a solo acoustic version) at a show in October of 2002. Ryan Adams joked that one day he would send it anonymously to Holly's Demo Hell at NME for review, but as far as I know he never did.

"I learned the Strokes record on banjos and mandolins and shit. You can play 'The Modern Age' on mandolin if you really want to, and 'Someday' sounds really fun on banjo. I had a tooth pulled when I was living in the Chelsea hotel. I was bored, and I needed something to do, so I was like, 'I'm just gonna learn someone else's record for fun.' And I was talking to the NME, and maybe it was the Vicodin, but I mentioned that I'd learned the Strokes record, and they made a really big deal out of it. So when I saw [Strokes guitarist] Nick [Valensi], he said, 'I heard you covered our record. How does it sound?' I was like, 'It sounds like a blues album.' [Drummer] Fabrizio [Moretti] has heard the most. I'll go to Fab's house really late at night, and I'll play a Dock Boggs song, and then I'll play one of their songs, and he won't even recognize it at first." - Ryan Adams

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