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Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturday Night Feverblister (The Scott Litt Sessions)

The Background

On April 15th, 2002, after a hectic schedule of touring and recording, Ryan Adams and his current band - The Sweetheart Revolution went into a Nashville studio to lay down tracks for what would be their follow-up to Gold. The band recorded 19 songs with legendary producer - Scott Litt, under the working title of Saturday Night Feverblister. The recordings were rumored to be part of Ryan's long awaited box set of unreleased albums. Unfortunately nothing has been mentioned of it in years. One song titled "Suspicion" was released as a b-side on the "Wonderwall" single in 2004.

If the concerts in early 2002 were any indication of what these sessions sounded like, the group was headed towards a darker, more bluesy, and harder rocking set of songs. Below is a list of the new songs that were played live around this period, but have yet to show up on a studio album:

Baby Treat Me Right (Psalms)
Coma White
Come on Little Girl
Diamonds or Hearts
I'm Just Trying to Take You Home
Mix Tapes
Queen of the World
Shakin Blues
Trapped in the New World
What's it to Ya?
Do You Want it?

Soon after the first sessions were wrapped up, he was interviewed by Charlie Rose and said the following:

"I wanna find some weird connection between, like, really spiritual R&B and soul music and rock music.  Like some place that's sort of romantic and sexy and sad in a bittersweet kinda way.  And....and....and full, ya know, poetically, like all the lyrics work as poetry....all the music works as, also like, beautiful music without words and try to combine 'em like a really complete thing. And for once, hopefully in my life, just only ten songs or eleven songs, the most..." - Ryan Adams

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