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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Crooner Album

Following a skate boarding accident in 2007, resulting in a broken wrist, Ryan was unable to play guitar for a few months. Luckily the shows still went on, and Ryan took the stage each night appearing like a French pop star (black glasses, black suit jacket etc), and focused all of his efforts solely on singing. These gigs marked a shift in the shows that followed. Slightly more structured, focused, and less off-the-wall; the performances by the Cardinals during this run were near perfection each and every night; and Ryan's vocals soared like never before.

Not long after these gigs in November of 2007, Ryan posted updates for what he was working on during the next year. This included plans to record a new Cardinals album, followed by a solo "crooner-like" album on which he would be backed by a full strings section. Unfortunately it's unknown whether or not these sessions actually took place, however the idea wouldn't be too far fetched; especially considering that 4 or 5 of the best moments on Darkbreaker fit this mold quite well. 

Below is part of Ryan's online posting from November, 2007
"As for a solo record, I am making a RYAN ADAMS record in my own time next year but it is not the kind you will be used to. I want to make a record with strings, an old style crooner record (no not cheesy) but something like For Only The Lonely if it had been made at Tuff Gong or something. beats more rooted in soul and dance hall and real soul style. 
If or when I tour that Im gonna wear a suit, stand at an old microphone, play those places, comb my hair before, and melt old womens hearts all across the globe. "

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