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Monday, May 13, 2013

War and Peace

Ryan recorded boatloads of new material throughout 2006 and early 2007, including (but not limited to): a 21 song double LP rock record with the Cardinals called III/IV; more than 60 songs recorded for the album - Easy Tiger; sessions with Phil Lesh; a couple of albums released for free under fake names like Sad Dracula and Warren Peace; and this unreleased album! Unfortunately very little is known about this double album. Although Ryan Adams posted several updates online that he was wrapping up the sessions for War and Peace in July of 2006. 

According to Ryan, War and Peace was a mixed bag of material ranging from punk rock to sad piano ballads, and featured producer/engineer - Jamie Candiloro manning the controls. A number of songs from the unreleased album - Darkbreaker were mentioned to be part of the album including: "Lighthouses", "Everything Dies", and "Don't Get Sentimental on Me". Later in the year, Ryan released a free downloadable EP under the moniker of Warren Peace. One quick listen through the EP tells me that there's a pretty good chance that some of this material may overlap, as it matches some of Ryan's descriptions of what the songs sound like. Still, nothing to my knowledge has been confirmed. Below is Ryan's online post from July 13th, 2006:
"I am in the studio as we speak finishing it. Its a double record, meaning around 30 songs. Its called, and I know its bogus but I dont care, its called "War and Peace". Its about cleaning up my act. I play everything and it has every style, every true guitar part, every type of soing (sometimes within one tune) to express what I have been going thru for awhile. Its hard to listen to back for me lyrically but musically all over the map. punkish stuff, some sabbath garteful mix, some silly pop, smiths disco, and sonic youth vibes and me and the songs on the piano like everything dies, and dont get sentimental and lighthnouses. "

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