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Monday, June 17, 2013

Allumette/What Color is Rain

(Pax-Am Records) 
Digital Single No. 2
Released 9/17/09

1. Allumette
2. What Color is Rain
3. Go Easy (bonus track)

The Background/Random Info

The second release of Pax-Am's Digital Download Series includes a set of home demos that Ryan recorded prior to the sessions for Cardinology. Both songs feature a very basic set up of Garageband drum machine beats, and an overdriven acoustic guitar with vocals. Unfortunately none of the songs on this release are too ground-breaking, and sound more like sketches than anything close to finished. At one point Ryan listed "Allumette" as the third song on an early working tracklisting of demos to be recorded for Cardinology. The b-side ("What Color is Rain") seems to be the same version of a song that was posted by Ryan on his Foggy blog. The bonus track ("Go Easy") is the strongest of the three but still comes nowhere close to essential listening.

Not Essential

Key Tracks - None

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