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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost and Found/Go Ahead and Rain

(Pax-Am Records) 
Digital Single No. 1
Released 9/11/09

1. Lost and Found
2. Go Ahead and Rain (mis-titled "Sunflower Rain")
3. Sink Ships (bonus track)

The Background/Random Info

This digital single marks the first release of Ryan's Pax-Am Record's Digital Download Series. Finished in 3 minutes and 45 seconds, these two tracks are a quick blast of sweet rock riffage, and are a must listen! Both songs are available on other releases, but are nowhere near as strong as they sound on this single. Also as a bonus, comes a solo acoustic demo of the Cardinology track - "Sink Ships". 

"Lost and Found" is a punky blast full of New York City swagger, that I found myself playing over and over again! It was previously put out on album called Fasterpiece in 2006, under Ryan's moniker - Sad Dracula. Here the song has been mastered, with a newly recorded, and much stronger vocal.

The b-side, "Go Ahead and Rain" is one of four versions that Ryan claims to have recorded, and is a jangly, very catchy rocker. A slower, acoustic version of the song was also recorded for the album Cardinology but was left off. That version later surfaced on an EP of leftover tracks from the sessions called Class Mythology. However this is clearly the definitive version!


Key Tracks: "Lost and Found", "Go Ahead and Rain"

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