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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thank You/Evergreen

(Pax-Am Records 004)
Released 12/1/09

1. Thank You
2. Evergreen (Home Demo)

Both Songs Written By Ryan Adams

The Background/Random Info

This 7" single was sent to fans that pre-ordered Ryan Adams' second book of poetry - Hello Sunshine. The record was given out as an unexpected bonus gift, and features two acoustic demo recordings, with what sounds like Ryan playing all of the instruments himself. "Thank You" is a peppy, summery little love song with a bright and instantly catchy chorus. Unfortunately the song's a little too rough around the edges to be released on an album, but overall it's a very charming track with some nice touches of synth, piano, and background vocals. The b-side is an early version of "Evergreen" that was done prior to being recorded with the Cardinals. Unfortunately neither track is very spectacular, but it was definitely a nice surprise.

Not Essential

Key Track: none

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