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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tomorrowland/Disco Queen

(Pax-Am Records) 
Digital Single No. 3
Released 9/24/09

1. Tomorrowland
2. Disco Queen

The Background

The third release of Pax-Am's Digital Download Series is easily the best of the bunch! It's also one of his more sought after releases since it provides the first taste of the yet to be released album - Blackhole. The recording of Blackhole began in 2005, and Ryan has often described it as Love is Hell meets the Strokes. By 2011, Ryan had re-recorded parts, as well as remixed, and remastered the album. Still there is a very strong possibility that fans won't be waiting too long before getting their hands on this album. Ryan claims to have boxes of the finished records ready to ship, but he's just waiting for the perfect time to release them. Originally he posted tentative plans that it would be out in December of 2011.

In 2008, a fan claimed to have an early copy of the album, with "Disco Queen" included as the first song and "Tomorrowland" as track 12. However since 2008, it's very likely that some things have changed with the album. Chances are that songs had been added, taken off, re-recorded, etc etc. Still Adams has recently said that both of these songs will be on the finished album when it does finally come out.


Key Tracks: "Tomorrowland", "Disco Queen"


  1. You mean this track listing?

    01 - Black Hole
    02 - While Light
    03 - Parts of Me
    04 - Waiting for the Sun to Come
    05 - Don't Disappear
    06 - Just You Wait
    07 - When You're There
    08 - She Isn't Vanishing
    09 - Lost In Space
    10 - When I Smile
    11 - Oblivion
    12 - Lights Flashing (aka Tomorrowland)
    13 - Sarah
    14 - Call Me Back

    1. Do you have a download or copy of this or just the track list?

  2. Replies
    1. Do you have a download of these tracks?

    2. no, i wish! i'm sure it'll be released in the next couple years

  3. Love these two tracks. Really hope 'Blackhole' finds its way to being released one day.

    On a separate note, anyone know what's going on at RAA? Seems like it's been down for a few weeks now.