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Friday, July 12, 2013

Download - Ryan Adams - Live at The Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC - 10/20/99

1. Born Yesterday*
2. Funny How I'm Losing You*
3. To Be the One*
4. Petal in a Rainstorm*
5. Folklore
6. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely*
7. Drunk and Fucked Up (aka: Memphis)
8. Me and My Ticket#
9. In My Time of Need*
10. My Heart is Broken (w/ Caitlin Cary)
11. Dancing with the Women at the Bar (w/ Caitlin Cary)
12. Houses on the Hill (w/ Caitlin Cary)
13. The Battle (w/ Caitlin Cary)
14. Inn Town (w/ Caitlin Cary)

* - first known live performance 
# - only time played live (besides an acoustic radio performance with Eric "Roscoe" Ambel)

AUD Recording (A-/B+ , some chatter)

Notes: This show is not available on archive.org, but it's a pretty important one. It features the first known live performances of a number of songs, and was probably the first concert where Ryan played most of it by himself. Caitlin Cary joins Ryan onstage for the last five songs. Opening Night of a Brief Tour of the South.



  1. Hey Man!

    Awesome to see you posting shows!

    I come here for all my DRA news considering his Twitter gets rather obnoxious at times!

    One recommendation- don't use a service people need to sign up for. I have to start an account with FileCloud in order to grab it. Mega, Mediafire and Deposit Files are all good options, Mega probably being best.

    Shoot me a message if you'd like me to elaborate man! Hope you're solid.


  2. Thanks for the tip Jason, just changed it over to mediafire.

  3. Thanks for posting this show!


  4. Absolutely bitching man, awesome!

  5. I was at this show! never thought I'd hear it again!, thanks!