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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Download - Ryan Adams - Live at Smith's Old Bar, Atlanta, GA - 10/25/99

1. Born Yesterday
2. Funny How I'm Losing You
3. Memories of You
4. Petal in a Rainstorm
5. To Be the One
6. Hey There Mrs. Lovely
7. Dancing with the Women at the Bar
8. 16 Days
9. Avenues
10. Folklore
11. Statuettes with Wounds
12. Drunk and Fucked Up
13. In My Time of Need
14. The Day I Left My Home (aka: "It Wasn't...")#
15. Onslow County*

* - first time played live
# - probably the first time played live 

AUD Recording (B+ - recording has some slight hiss, and occasionally you can hear people's conversations in the background, but overall very clear recording)

Notes: Here's another show not currently on archive.org, but one of the three strongest shows of this brief solo tour. Not a lot of banter from Ryan, but a very strong performance, that includes some very rare performances of "Onslow County", "The Day I Left Home", "Folklore", and "Statuettes with Wounds". Make sure to check out "Onslow County" which sounds pretty similar to "Come Pick Me Up" (?? possibly an early incarnation??).


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