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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Cold Roses Evil Twin" (The Tom Schick Sessions)

The Background

These two sessions marked Ryan's first attempts at making a new album following the release of Cardinology in 2008. After one final tour with the Cardinals in early 2009, Ryan put away his guitar and took a much deserved break from music. For a year, he didn't write or record any music at; and instead took time to get healthy and enjoy life as a new husband to actress - Mandy Moore. Before long, the songwriting bug started biting, and an enormous amount of new songs began developing. 

During the summer of 2010, he alternated between two different sets of album sessions: one was a stripped down acoustic album with producer Jaimie Candiloro in Los Angeles (which eventually morphed into Ashes and Fire); and the other was a more eclectic album with Tom Schick (Cardinology, Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights) that took place at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Both sessions were fruitful, but in the end Ryan said:

"I wanted to have just made these for myself, so I didn't want to release them... I decided this is not what I want to say, but I'm really glad I did it." (from NPR-World Cafe interview on WXPN)

Adams made two trips to NYC for these sessions. The first took place over a few weeks in June and July; and yielded 25 songs in total! According to a facebook post, out of the 25 songs, he only liked two of them. Ryan described the songs as "a sound painting of Manhattan", and as "Cold Roses' Evil Twin.... with psychedelic guitars and a Smiths/New Order vibe". The second session in New York took place in early August. At that point in recording, Ryan described the songs as being a "weird extension of Love is Hell". He continued that "where there was excessive jamming before... there are now cool chord passages and feedback and neat rhodes organ fills."

Although, it's unlikely that we'll ever hear a finished album from these sessions, a few songs have surfaced over the years. They include a summery garage rocker called - "The Blue Canoe", the moody epic - "Darkness" (both released as free downloads), and an early version of "Do I Wait" which was later re-recorded for Ashes and Fire (released as 7" single on Record Store Day.

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