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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Download - Ryan Adams - The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA - 2/14/00

1. Born Yesterday
2. What Sin Replaces Love*
3. Don't Fail Me Now (w/ Kim Richey and Chuck Prophet)
4. Oh My Sweet Carolina (w/ Kim Richey)
5. To Be the One
6. Drunk and Fucked Up
7. Funny How I'm Losing You
8. Hey There Mrs. Lovely
9. Folklore
10. Come Pick Me Up (w/ Kim Richey)*

* - first time played live

SBD Recording (A  - volume is a little low but great quality throughout)

Notes: Night 2 at the Tractor Tavern, and another stand-out show from 2000. Ryan apologizes to everyone for "bumming them out" on Valentines Day; and plays "Come Pick Me Up"  for the first time live (a very appropriate choice for the holiday). This version features different lyrics from the studio album, and no harmonica. The show is also notable for featuring the first performance of future Cardinals jam - "What Sin Replaces Love"; and sadly the last performance ever of one of my favorites - "Folklore". Excellent show!


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