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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Blue Canoe/Darkness

(Pax-Am Records)
Digital Single No. 4
Released 11/30/10

1. The Blue Canoe
Ryan Adams - Vocals, Guitar
Johnny T - Drums
Jon Graboff - Bass

2. Darkness
Ryan Adams - Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
Johnny T - Drums, and Organ

Both Songs were Written and Produced by Ryan Adams
Recorded and Mixed by Tom Schick at Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY
Assistant Engineer - Pete Bischoff

The Background/Random Info

A couple of weeks prior to the release of III/IV, Ryan put out this single as a free download through his website. These songs are notable for being some of Ryan's first attempts at recording new material, following his hiatus from music in early 2009. Both songs were recorded in the summer of the following year, and gave Ryan a chance to brush off the cobwebs, and have some fun testing out new song ideas. Among the other 20+ songs he recorded was an early version of "Do I Wait" (later released as a single). Ryan made a couple mentions of these recording sessions during online posts, referring to them as "Cold Roses Evil Twin". Adams would go on to do one more set of demo sessions (this time with Jaimie Candiloro), before eventually recording Ashes and Fire with Glyn Johns in 2011.

Both songs are pretty excellent, with "Darkness" being the highlight, and a favorite "lost track" among many fans. The song is a slow, moody, emotional mini-epic; with Ryan's vocals in full display. The "a-side" - "Blue Canoe" is more of a short and sweet summery fun garage rocker; with hints of the band - Best Coast.

Below is Ryan's original posting about these two songs:
"these are just some good-times demos from this summer in NYC with Tom at the controls and me and Johnny T jamming, I overdubbed the rest. 
I know people don't enjoy my "joke songs" but they are not. they are just fun, fun to make and funny to play and sometimes accidentally cool. Graboff played bass on The Blue Canoe ( 10 bucks and a ride to liquor store for anyone who figures out the reference) .The slider stopped by the studio to say hi and I made him play bass poor bastard : ) 

also anyone with a Dead Milkmen album knows why I make lighthearted tunes sometimes. Life is also lighthearted. Cant be creepy and sad all the time. 
Anyway Tom and Johnny and I went in for some fun, not for serious, sessions in NYC this summer because what else are we gonna do? Golf? I don't think so......."

Not Essential, but definitely not bad.

Key Track: "Darkness"


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