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Sunday, September 8, 2013

"The Jamie Candiloro Sessions"

The Background

These sessions took place at Perfect Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA; sometime during the first half of 2011. Although there isn't a whole lot of information about these recordings, they did serve as a stepping stone for Ryan's comeback album - Ashes and Fire. Together with producer - Jamie Candiloro (Easy Tiger), the two put together a top notch band that included: Rami Jaffee on piano and organ; Marshall Vore on drums; Marty Rifkin on steel guitar; Chris Stills on acoustic guitar and background vocals; Sebastian Steinberg on bass; and Mandy Moore providing background vocals.

Together they set out to lay down a stripped down folk rock album in the same vein as Heartbreaker. But in the end, Ryan decided it would be best to hold off with releasing this as a full record. During an interview on WXPN radio, Ryan stated: "I wanted to have just made these for myself, so I didn't want to release them... I decided this is not what I want to say, but I'm really glad I did it."  Some of the songs would be revisited during the Ashes and Fire sessions months later.

It's unlikely that this will be ever be released as a full album. However eventually some of the songs have surfaced as singles and bonus tracks. During Ryan's 2011-2012 solo tours, a couple of rare 7" singles were released that featured songs from these sessions. They included "Empty Room", "Star Sign" (demo), and "Come Home" (demo). Another song titled "Shine Through the Dark" may have come from these sessions as well.

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