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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where's the new Ryan Adams album?!?!?!?!!?!

It's now been 2 years and 4 days since Ashes and Fire came out in 2011, and everyone seems to be asking the same question..... When is the new album coming out?? Today marks the tentative release date that was once mentioned by Ryan's label, but still there has been no official word. Other internet rumblings have suggested sometime in the fall, but for now it's all very hush hush.

If you haven't been keeping up with all of Ryan's twitter postings, he has been a madman over the last year or so! Sitting around, getting fat, and watching lots of tv has not been on his agenda in the last couple years. Instead, he has kept busy -constantly playing, writing, recording, and producing his own new music; as well as helping a plethora of other artists with their own. The list of artists he has worked with includes The Lemonheads, D Generation, Fall Out Boy, The Court Yard Hounds, Jenny Lewis, Liz Phair, just to name a few! Not to mention, he's spent a lot of time recording his own music with producer - Don Was, and writing with power pop/bar rocker Mike Viola.

So who knows?
Will Blackhole finally see the light of day?
Perhaps the first single from Ryan's next album will come out as a limited edition record store day release next month.
Maybe he'll pull a Radiohead, and unexpectedly release a new album through his website at midnight tonight?!
Regardless of what he decides, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

So Hang in There Folks!
In the meantime, below I've made a list of some music I've been loving lately. Hopefully you'll find something here to hold you over, until the new Ryan Adams album drops. I'm also interested in what you guys are listening to. So feel free to post below.

(Finally, I probably won't be posting as often in the next few months, as October-December are looking like very busy and exciting times for me! Next week, I'll be moving back to Austin, TX (anybody want to start a band?); getting married to my fiance of 10 years (woohoo!); and going on a honeymoon (maybe New Orleans?). So good night for now.)

Slim Dunlap - The Old New Me
Slim joined the Replacements after original guitarist - Bob Stinson was kicked out of the group in the mid-80's. Recently I started getting into his solo material after hearing all of his great songs that other artists have covered on the Songs for Slim music series. Sadly both of his solo albums from the early 90's are out of print, but you can still find them used in the $7-$30 range. The Old New Me has been getting lots of play on my stereo this month, and is Keith Richards inspired bar band rock at its' finest.

Haim - Days Are Gone
The other album that hasn't left me stereo since the day it was released! Three sisters with vocal harmonies so perfect, they'd have to be blood-related. The songs are very poppy, and harken back to a lot of 80's sounds. Full of infectious hooks impossible to get out of your head. Not the type of album I'd normally go for, but I'm hooked. This might be my favorite album of the year and I plan to marry all 3 of these girls!

Townes Van Zandt - Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions and Demos 1971-1972
Omnivore always put out interesting archival releases and this is no exception. Over the course of Townes' career, many have praised his songs and stripped down live performances; but have dismissed the over-the-top production of his work. These 2 CDs show off Townes in all his ragged glory - just a guy and a guitar and some of the most jaw-dropping songs you'll ever hear. I have most of his albums in some format, but this might be the best place to start for a new listener!!

The Arcade Fire - Reflektor 12"
Keep your freaking shoes on, because you're gonna need them to burn up the dance floor with the second coming of one of the best bands of our time! Seven minutes long, an appearance from David Bowie, and production from James Murphy, this is a crazy good first taste of their new album coming out in a couple weeks! The music video is also one of the best I've ever seen! Anyways the 12" features an instrumental b-side.

The Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head
Really exciting power pop/blues rock from the 70's. Supposedly, The Rolling Stones had this playing constantly during the making of their classic - Exile on Main Street. And there's no denying this album definitely carried over into the music they were making. In some ways what the Black Keys are doing now is what the Groovies did even better back then! (as a side note, Ry Cooder's Boomer's Story is another really great album from the early 70's with a heavy Exile on Main Street vibe - Cooder also had a big influence on the Stones).

Savages - Silence Yourself
I saw these ladies live this summer, and let's just say you probably wouldn't want to get on their bad side! They never smile, always wear black, and unmercilessly beat the crap out of their instruments when they play! They definitely have a heavy Joy Division/late 70s-early 80's british post-punk vibe, with a similar sound to early U2 (notably the guitar playing). Highly recommend checking them out live, but this album is also pretty freaking great!

Nina Simone - Nina Sings the Blues
I didn't think I was a Nina Simone fan until I heard this album and now I'm hooked. Nina Sings the Blues is a very sexy, late night, scotch drinking, baby making kind of album. She's also backed by an incredible blues band! A stone cold classic.

Glenn Yoder and the Western States - Javelina
So Glenn's been making a name for himself around the Boston music scene for quite a while now. But Javelina is far and away his best work to date. Infectious, alt-country with tendencies towards swamp rock, heavy Drive-by Truckers guitar chug, and Morphine inspired jazz alt-rock. Name your price and download at http://glennyoder.bandcamp.com/

Sean Rowe - all of his albums
Heartbreaking, beautiful, sad stripped down folk songs sung in a gravelly Tom Waits vocal.

Josh Ritter - The Beast in It's Tracks
Although the typical singer songwriter subject matter of hopeless romantics and sad breakups is nothing new, Ritter takes those ideas and puts a hopeful spin on them. Inspired by his divorce and finding new love, this is a modern folk gem. 


  1. Well, first of all as an avid follower of your superb blog congratulations on your forthcoming marriage and move. I wish you all the best. But please don't leave it too long, you are my one and only way of following all things DRA here in the UK. And you do an amazing job, so thanks. Although 2 years isn't too long for most artists, it feels like an eternity for Ryan Adams fans! I'm just hopeful of something, anything before the year is out.
    As for what else I've been listening to, well new this year, it's been Laura Marling - 'once I was an eagle' which is great. Arctic monkeys, Phoenix, cloud control, Laura viers and several others but they come to mind. Older stuff I've been enjoying includes the smashing pumpkins reissues, jim o'rouke and all the usual stuff from the Beatles to the smiths.
    Anyway, don't leave it too long. Take care. Mike, Nottingham, UK.

  2. Thanks Mike! i keep meaning to pick up that Laura Marling album, i loved the one she did a few years back (the one with "Devil's Spoke")... also i havent heard of Cloud Control but will have to check that out as well. saw Phoenix a couple months ago and they were amazing! Smashing Pumpkins - bonus tracks, reissues, always worthwhile! And speaking of Jim O'Rourke, if you haven't heard any of the Loose Fur records, I HIGHLY recommend them. I think there are two and feature some of the guys from Wilco.... take it easy!

  3. Southeastern by Jason Isbell is amazing.

    1. love it! finally got it the other day. It took me a few listens since I wasn't used to hearing Isbell so stripped down, but keeps growing on me. nice pick

  4. Since your tastes are similar to mine - I recommend you check out Shovels and Rope. Been listening to that tons lately. Also Lone Bellow. Also a great singer songwriter out of Oklahoma: John Fulbright. Exceptional writer. Thank you for introducing me to Jason Isbell.