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Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Gimme Something Good" 7" Available for Pre-Order Now!

Finally, we have some concrete news about a new Ryan Adams album! The album's first single - "Gimme Something Good" will be released on July 1st via Blue Note/Pax-Am Records. Although there still aren't a lot of details, there seems to be 2 different versions of the 7" singe.

The first, (which sold out immediately through Ryan's website) features the b-side - "Aching for More". While another version will be available at most record stores, and has a different b-side called "I Just Might". Apparently neither b-side will be on the album.

Pre-Order Info Below:

Gimme Something Good/Aching for More
Pax-Am Records Website (currently sold out, but keep an eye out for more)

Gimme Something Good/I Just Might (limited to 3000 copies worldwide)


  1. thanks for running this blog.. please keep reviewing the albums/singles you've missed (and whiskeytown and the side projects) I've learned a lot. there's no other place like this. don't let it fall incomplete.

  2. Totally agree. Keep up the good work. Activity (finally).

  3. Have you confirmed that the alternate b-sides are legit? Thanks!

    1. I'm pretty certain it's only "Aching for More", but there are still a couple sites showing "I Just Might" as a b-side. I guess we'll find out soon enough