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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just in Case You Missed Anything Vol. 15

So now that we've had five seconds to digest Ryan's latest 7" EP - 1984 (which is really great by the way!), we now have even more Ryan Adams records on the way!!!!

8/26 - Street Trash (CD) 
Not sure if this is official or not, but available for pre-order here

9/9 - Ryan Adams (Self titled New Album on Blue Note Records)

9/16 - Jacksonville/I Keep Running/Walkedypants (7" single) 
Currently available through Pax-Am, Amazon, or Music Direct.

10/14 - No Shadow (7" single) 
Available for pre-order here.

11/11 - Do You Laugh When (7" Single) 
Available for pre-order here.

?? - Blackhole 
The long awaited "lost" album is back on Ryan's radar again! In a recent interview with Faster-Louder, he said that he finally feels comfortable with Blackhole being released to the public. Even more exciting is that the stadium-rockin' live favorite "Catherine" will be featured on the album!

- More reviews, articles, and interviews have been trickling out lately. In NME's August 16th issue, Ryan talks about the making of the new album and his love for the underrated Oasis record - Be Here Now. (Download it here.). In a short interview with the New York Times, Ryan talks briefly about his quiet life since his last record, and his struggles with Meniere's disease (read it here). And lastly, the October issue of Uncut magazine features a lengthy five page article (although I've yet to get my hands on a copy).

-The second studio album from Ethan Johns recently came out in the US; and if you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend it! The Reckoning sits somewhere between Nick Drake and Alexi Murdoch for me; with lots of acoustic finger picking, and very sparse yet emotional and effective arrangements..... and Ryan Adams produced it! Anyway, Ethan posted an excellent video that documents the making of the album that you can watch HERE. He was also recently interviewed for Sonicscoop.com, and talks about Ryan's role as a producer. Stream the album HERE.

Other Quick Notes:

- You can now stream the studio version of "My Wrecking Ball" for free on Spotify.

- Be on the listen for an upcoming episode of World Cafe with Ryan Adams and the Shining! It will feature a live performance (including several cover songs) and an interview with the band. For more details, keep an eye on this blog or the following sites: www.npr.org/blogs/world-cafe/ and  www.xpn.org/world-cafe

- Ryan will be making a cameo appearance in an upcoming music video for one of the songs on Bob Mould's recent album Beauty & Ruin.

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