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Friday, August 29, 2014

US Tour Notes and Set Lists (7/22-8/7/12)

7/22 - State Theater, Portland, ME
20 Songs. 7 New Songs. A truly great start to the tour! New band features Freddie Bokkenheuser on drums, Charlie Satvish on bass, Mike Viola on guitar, and Daniel Clarke on keyboard. "When the Summer Ends" and "Change Your Mind" is from 1984, "Political Scientist" was introduced by Ryan as something he'd never played live before. Lots of positive reviews for all the new songs and old. Ryan was in positive spirits. All songs were electric except "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "CPMU". A few improv songs were played. "Peaceful Valley" had a nice jam. The new songs from 1984 were supposedly short, rockin' and very sweet and in the vein of the Replacements/Lemonheads. Another song called "Straight Ahead" (Greg Sage cover) was on the setlist but not played. "Catherine" reminded listeners of the best material on III/IV.

Gimme Something Good/ Dirty Rain/ Fix It/ Do I Wait/ Stay With Me/ Political Scientist/ Let it Ride/ Oh My Sweet Carolina/ Everybody Knows/ Catherine/ Peaceful Valley/ This House is Not for Sale/ Beautiful Sorta/ Shadows/ Two/ When the Summer Ends/ Change Your Mind/ Am I Safe/ Crossed Out Name
E: Come Pick Me Up

7/23 - Flynn Performing Arts Center, Burlington, VT
21 Songs. The Greg Sage cover "Straight Ahead" was on the set list for the encore but not played. According to fans, highlights included "Anybdoy Wanna Take Me Home?", "Do I Wait", "Peaceful Valley", "Mother". "Crossed Out Name" was played much faster than the original. lots of hilarious banter

Gimme Something Good/Magick/Stay With Me/Fix It/Do I Wait/Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?/Let it Ride/Dirty Rain/Beautiful Sorta/Shadows/Political Scientist/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Everybody Knows/Kim/Mother (Danzig)/Peaceful Valley/My Wrecking Ball/Go Easy/When the Summer Ends/Crossed Out Name
E: Come Pick Me Up

7/25 - Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
16 Songs. Day also included performances from Jimmy Cliff, Band of Horses, and Jenny Lewis. Ryan did a Michael Mcdonald spoof about smoking weed and eating lobster rolls. Ryan continues to make jokes, and makes a nightly announcement about it being Charlie Stavish's 3rd show ever (and even starts a "CHARLIE" crowd chant). The band also attempted to play the worst version of the Beatles "Let it Be", and I think they succeeded. Show was broadcast on the internet.

Gimme Something Good/Magick/Stay With Me/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Let it Ride/Shadows/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Everybody Knows/Catherine/My Wrecking Ball/Peaceful Valley/Beautiful Sorta/Do I Wait/Mother (Danzig)/Come Pick Me Up

7/26 - XPonential Music Festival, Camden, NJ
14 Songs. Jenny Lewis and Dawes were also on the bill. Ryan joined Jenny Lewis onstage during her song "She's Not Me" and played the guitar solo. Lots of love for the newly arranged and jammy version of "Peaceful Valley". There were some sound issues early on in the set. The Greg Sage cover - "Straight Ahead" was finally debuted tonight after showing up on the setlists for a couple gigs and not performed.

Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Stay with Me/Everybody Knows/Kim/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Magick/Shadows/Let it Ride/Peaceful Valley/Do I Wait/Come Pick Me Up
E: Straight Ahead (Greg Sage Cover)

8/5 - Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO
15 Songs. Ryan had some hilarious banter tonight during this 90 minute set. Very intimate setting for show. Ryan had some problems with the high altitudes before the gig, also skipped a few songs on the original set list (including "Political Scientist" and "My Wrecking Ball").

Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Cold Roses/Stay With Me/Dirty Rain/Dear John/Easy Plateau/Shadows/Let it Ride/Peaceful Valley/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?/This House is Not for Sale/Magnolia Mountain
E: Mother (Danzig)

8/7 - Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
12 Songs. Father John Misty and Jeremy Messersmith were also on the bill. Ryan mentioned that this was one of his favorite gigs of all time. According to one fan, the band was much tighter at this show than at the Aspen gig. Another mentioned that the backing vocals were much improved from the first couple nights. Fans also mentioned that they could hear them rehearsing "Rescue Blues" prior to the show. 

Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Peaceful Valley/Let it Ride/Stay With Me/Easy Plateau/Shadows/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Cold Roses/Do I Wait/Magnolia Mountain

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