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Thursday, October 23, 2014

UK Tour Notes and Setlists (9/14-9/25/14)

9/14 - Invictus Games Closing Ceremony, London, UK
Ryan performed a short set on a bill that also included the Kaiser Chiefs, Foo Fighters,  James Blunt, Bryan Adams and more. His performance of "Gimme Something Good" was broadcast on BBC television. According to fans, most of the audience seemed unfamiliar with Ryan's music, but the group still put on a great but short set.
Gimme Something Good/ Fix It/ Let it Ride/ Stay With Me/ Am I Safe

9/18 - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
20 Song Set. "Rats in the Wall" featured a slow intro. Johnny Depp played guitar on the last 2 songs. According to fans highlights included "Am I Safe", and "Kim".
Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Stay With Me/Easy Plateau/Am I Safe/Let it Ride/Trouble/Shadows/The Door/Oh My Sweet Carolina/I Just Might/Peaceful Valley/A Kiss Before I Go/My Wrecking Ball/Rats in the Wall/When the Summer Ends/Come Pick Me Up
Encore: Mother (Danzig cover w/ Johnny Depp)/Kim (w/ Johnny Depp)

9/19 - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK
23 Songs. Ryan and the band changed up the set quite a bit from the previous night. "Rats in the Wall" was played slow. Johnny Depp came out and played guitar on the last 2 songs. The band debuted "Let Go" and the latest 7" single - "Jacksonville".  According to fans, highlights included "Trouble", and "This House is Not for Sale". One fan said the performance was better tonight than the previous night, but the crowd was less attentive
Gimme Something Good/Fix It/This House is Not for Sale/Dirty Rain/Stay With Me/Cold Roses/Am I Safe/Let it Ride/Let Go/Political Scientist/Everybody Knows/I Just Might/My Wrecking Ball/Magnolia Mountain/Jacksonville/Shadows/Trouble/Wolves/Rats in the Wall/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Easy Plateau
Encore: Kim (w/ Johnny Depp)/I Love You But I Don't Know What to Say (w/ Johnny Depp)

9/21 - The Roundhouse, London, UK
18 Songs. Show was part of the iTunes Festival and broadcast on the internet. First Aid Kit was also on the bill. Fans said the sound in the venue was perfect.
Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Stay with Me/Let it Ride/Am I Safe/Everybody Knows/I Just Might/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Rats in the Wall/When the Summer Ends/The Door/My Wrecking Ball/Trouble/Shadows/Kim
Encore: Easy Plateau/Come Pick Me Up

9/23 - The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
18 songs. Ryan had some issues with his voice later in the night, and ended the show playing three songs by himself on acoustic guitar. Very little banter tonight
Gimme Something Good/A Kiss Before I Go/Dirty Rain/Fix It/Stay with Me/Let it Ride/Shadows/Everybody Knows/I Just Might/Easy Plateau/My Wrecking Ball/Kim/I Love You But I Don't Know What to Say/The Door/Oh MySweet Carolina/Why Do They Leave (solo acoustic)/Trouble (solo acoustic)/Rats in the Wall (solo acoustic)

9/24 - Albert Hall, Manchester, UK
18 Songs. According to the set list, the band was going to close with Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA".
Gimme Something Good/Fix It/Dirty Rain/Stay With Me/Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?/Am I Safe/Let it Ride/Trouble/Everybody Knows/Shadows/Oh My Sweet Carolina/Why Do They Leave/A Kiss Before I Go/Easy Plateau/Magnolia Mountain/Do I Wait/I Just Might
Encore: Come Pick Me Up

9/25 - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland
19 Songs. Ryan did a hilarious improv song about the security guy. "NY NY" was played nice and slow. Other highlights according to fans were "Am I Safe", "Come Pick Me Up", "Why Do They Leave"... At the end of the show, Ryan gave the crowd a choice between playing "CPMU" or "Political Scientist"
Gimme Something Good/I Just Might/Let it Ride/Stay With Me/New York New York/Trouble/My Wrecking Ball/Shadows/Fix It/I Love You But I Don't Know What to Say/The Door/Why Do They Leave/Am I Safe/Rats in the Wall/When the Summer Ends/Kim/La Cienega Just Smiled/Magnolia Mountain/Come Pick Me Up

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